November 3rd, 1999.

My name is James, I am 15 years old and I live in a small house in rural Pennsylvania. I live with my both my mother and father. I have one pet, his name is Jack and he is a 2 year old Terrier. I am writing in this journal because there have been several paranormal events lately. Before I go into detail about the first one let me tell you about my dad. He is a drug addict, an alcoholic, and a horrible father. He used to abuse me when I was just a little kid, only five years old. He has been to prison three times. He was just released yesterday after doing six years for drug possession with intention to sell, public intoxication, and indecent exposure. The following story happened a week and a half ago, when I woke up.

            I woke up, I smelled the scent of burnt wood. I opened my eyes and looked around. I quickly jumped out of bed, startled at the image floating above my bed. I yelled, “What the hell is that?!” and then tried to open my door. It wouldn’t open, it was locked, and every time I unlocked it, it would just lock itself. After about a minute of trying to unlock the door I realized it was useless, I started to pace around my room in panic, when my dog awoke and started barking at nothing, or so I thought. I picked up my dog and went to the window at the back of my room, I lifted up the blinds to see the forest behind my house was burnt to the ground. I panicked even more, and then dropped my dog on the floor and ran over to the door and start banging, screaming for help. I heard my mom crying and a deep voice trying to comfort her. I yelled louder, and then heard the same deep voice at my door. “Hello?! Is anyone in there?” he asked, “I need out! The door won’t unlock and I’m trapped!” I said in reply. All I heard was footsteps and loud thump, he was trying to bust through my door. After about five times he gave up, and then I heard him say, “Stay right there, I’ll be right back.” A few minutes later the door came off of its hinges and I saw a tall, muscly police officer in my door way. My reaction at first was panic, and I had many thoughts racing through my head. I had no idea what happened or why a police officer was in my house. After a few seconds of staring blankly at police officer I heard my mom yell my name, I ran out my doorway and pushed the police officer out of the way. I ran down the hallway, despite running it felt like the longest five seconds of my life. I was not prepared the news that I heard next. My mom was crying too hard to tell me, after sitting next to my mother another police officer came out of the kitchen as the one who had gotten me out of my room walked down the hallway into the living room. The one that came out of kitchen sat next to me, he cleared his throat and said in a deep voice, “Son, I’m sorry to tell you this, but your father was killed in a forest fire last night.” The other one interrupted, “The forest behind your house was burnt down last night and your father was in it at the time, he was the one who lit it.” I looked into the black TV screen and saw my facial expression. I felt like I was dead, my mom let out one more loud yell, muffled by her tears. I stood up and stood as I looked around the room, feeling sick. I went into the kitchen and saw a loaf of bread sitting on the table. As I went to the cabinet to get a glass of water, I heard steps coming up from the basement. I went over to the sink and heard a bag hit the ground, I quickly turned around and saw the loaf of bread on the floor. I sat the glass down on the counter and walked slowly to the table, than I heard the glass full of water hit the floor. The police officer who had come out of the kitchen earlier ran back into the kitchen, seeing the glass by the sink and me at the table, which were at least five feet away from each other. With a confused look on his face he walked out of the kitchen and back into the living room. I walked back into the living room and sat in a chair across the room from my mom and the two police officers. One of them introduced him and the other one. The one who let me out of my room opened his mouth, attempting to break the silence, “My name is Officer Ramirez, and this is Sergeant Brien. We’re the ones who showed up on the scene first.” “Do I look like I give a damn?!” I screamed, enraged with the news of my father. Sergeant Brien asked in sort of an annoyed tone, “Excuse me?” I covered my face with my hands and took a deep breath. After almost a half a minute of silence I muttered under my breath, “I.. I’m sorry.” After which I jumped out of the chair and ran into the hallway and into my room, out of the view of the people in the living room.

This happened almost two weeks ago. I still cannot get over what happened, I am still torn up. My father was always mean, he was a horrible father. He never loved me and I never loved him. For the rare times we saw each other and the even more rare times we talked we never got along. We always got into fights about who cares about my mom more. I always had to take care of her while my father was in prison. Six years ago, when I was only nine, I didn’t know what was happening to my dad, all I know was that he was a bad person and he abused me even during his trials. I finally understood the concept of prison and where my dad had gone and what he had done when I was twelve.  There were several paranormal things that had happened after the day that my dad died. Some of them were things falling off of countertops and tables for no reason. Some others were more serious and freaky. Yesterday in the very early morning around 5AM the toilet kept being flushed for a couple minutes straight. After a while Jack, my dog, started to bark at my doorway since the door was still in the hallway. That’s when I got up to check it out. I walked down the hallway and around the corner and into the bathroom. My dog followed and as soon as he walked around the corner he went crazy, barking, standing up on his two hind legs and jumping. After a few second I felt a very cold wind past by me, it felt it was surrounding me and all of the sudden Jack stopped barking and sat there in the dark and put his tail in between his legs and whimpered at the darkness. I stood there, confused, as if a bird had swept me up and carried me as it flied high in the sky. I couldn’t grip what had just happened and I had no clue what happened.

That was early yesterday morning. This next story happened the afternoon on the same day ;

            I woke up after a night of very little sleep. I had been up since what happened in the bathroom earlier that morning. I got up and put a shirt on as usual, even though it was fall I was always warm. I walked down the hallway and into the kitchen, not seeing my mother sitting at the table as she normally would. I figured it wouldn’t be the same anymore after my dad had died. I poured a bowl of milk and filled it with cereal. I opened the drawer and found that there was no silverware. I sat the bowl down on the counter and walked through the house, back through the hall and into my mom’s room, which is right next to mine. She wasn’t there, I lifted up her blankets and nothing was there. I started calling her softly, after about a minute or two I started to get worried, I had checked the basement, the bathroom, the backyard, and her car was still in the driveway. I opened the side door with Jack on the leash next to me. I walked out and closed it behind me. Wondering around the somewhat large yard and through the ashes that used to be the forest behind my home, “This is the first time I’ve been outside since then.” I thought. I was actually cold, this is the first time I’ve felt the fresh air blowing against my face. This was far from any normal day though, even if my dad was dead, it wasn’t much different from him being in prison. I couldn’t find my mom anywhere, she wasn’t anywhere near the house. As I walked inside I started to worry. I took Jack off of his leash and let him run around in the house. I turned on the TV and could not believe what I saw. The morning news was on, it was a Monday, and I didn’t even realize that I had missed school. I saw the local newsman on TV with a small frame with a drawing that looked very similar to my mom. The title under the man said, “Wanted for murder and robbery.” The man said, “This woman was found breaking and entering several homes last night. After which one of the homeowners that saw her was murdered, as his wife watched in horror. The woman was described by the wife of the victim. She was in her mid-40s, she has brown hair, and is about five and a half feet tall. She has dark eyes.” I gasped. I could not find the words or the thoughts to explain how I felt worse than when I found out my father died. I laid down on the couch and called Jack as he jumped up on the couch with me and fell asleep, I said to him, “We’re screwed, Jack, all alone..” I ended up falling asleep, sleeping almost all day. When I woke up the TV was off, which freaked me out, since I left it on when I fell asleep. Not remembering anything about earlier. I looked at the clock and saw the time, it was already 7PM and I was hungry. I got up and walked into the kitchen, as I opened the freezer I saw a frozen stack of money with a folded piece of paper taped onto it. I could never read my mother’s writing but I was able to read this for some reason. As I unfolded the paper I read crease by crease, “Dear James, I am sorry that I had to do this, I assume you know what happened and I am sorry for leaving you without telling you. I don’t know when you will find this or read it, but I hope that you live a happy life without me or your father. I could not handle life without him, and I knew you couldn’t, even though you hated him. Under this note is $2,500 that I had found from one of the robberies.” I stopped, and nearly threw up, I was starting to remember what I saw on the news that morning. I dropped the note and ran over to the garbage can. Barely making it in I threw up in the bag. I hung my head over the bag for a few seconds. As I pulled my head up I turned around, wiping the excess puke from my lips. The freezer door was closed, and the paper was hanging over the top of the fridge. Confused as to what happened, I pulled the paper down and continued reading it, “Take this money and go live your life. I know you are only 15 but you are very smart and always have been. I am proud to be your mother, and I hope you are still proud to be my son. There is also $1,000 in my closet in a shoebox, just lift the ceiling panel and feel around. I would have gotten it but I didn’t want to wake you. Goodbye James, I love you. –Your mom.” I walked over to the table and set the paper down. I walked through the house and into my mom’s bedroom. As I entered the room and turned the corner into her closet I saw a very tall shadow run from the far end and into the closet. At first I thought it was my shadow since it went the direction I went in, but the blinds were closed and there was no source of light. I walked into the closet and stood on the second shelf up and pushed the ceiling board up, which was just a pieces of wood nailed together. I reached around and I didn’t feel anything. All of the sudden I heard a sliding noise and a small shoebox came into my grip. I quickly grasped it, feeling unsafe with my hand up there. Right before I pulled my arm out a very soft skin feeling ran over my hand. I ripped my hand as the board of wood squished it and ripped some of the skin. I fell back into the drywall making a hole about the size of my head and tearing the hangers off the rack. “Holy sh-!” I was cut off by my very heavy breathing. “What was that?! Jesus Christ!” I knew I was talking to myself but I didn’t care. I felt like there someone else in the house with me. After a few seconds of sitting on the floor, I grabbed the shoebox and ran back to the kitchen. I set the box on the table and threw open the freezer door and grabbed the money that mom left last night. I set it down and started counting the money.

So, I’m all alone now, for some reason the police haven’t been to my house yet. Thankfully my mom had just paid the bills for electric, water, and TV a day before my dad was released. So I have another two and a half months of water, lights, and TV to watch. My mom paid the bills every three months. The first thing I’m going to do is go out and by one of those power generators, for when the bills need paid. I assume my mom took all the money out of her bank account. I went to the basement and pulled out my bike and a wagon that my parents bought for me when I was a little kid. I found some light rope. I tied the wagon by its handle to the seat. I took it outside and started riding it to Wal-Mart. I bought some food, a case of Mountain Dew, Soundgarden’s Superunkown album, Devil Without A Cause, an album by Kid Rock, and a power generator. When I got back I put the generator in the basement, and brought everything else upstairs and got a bottle of Mountain Dew and turned on the music. From now on I will be writing every night, explaining what happened that day, as I am doing now. I am going to go to bed now, I wrote everything in here today and my hand hurts. I will write tomorrow night, if anything paranormal happens.

November 4th, 1999

This morning when I woke up I found a package at the door, it 3:59PM right now, I’m bored and have nothing better to do I decided to write. So, the package, it was addressed to my mom’s name, I haven’t opened it yet. I decided to leave it alone and I brought it inside and not touch it after. I didn’t go to school again today and I figure I should probably go tomorrow, to avoid any suspicion that wasn’t obviously there. My social life is bad, I never talk to anyone, and I just mind my own business. Once or twice I was talked to by the coke heads. I live 30 minutes away from the school just by driving. On the bus I normally ignore everyone and just write. Since a sketch was only provided to the police no one knows it was for sure my mom so I’m going to try to act normal. I don’t kn- 30 minutes later…. I’m back, something just happened.

 While I was writing Jack got up and ran down the hallway and started barking at something in the living room, still freaked out about what happened yesterday in the closet I carefully got up and walked into the living room. I saw a shadow that looked like the one in my mom’s room yesterday. I ran over to Jack, picked him, and ran back into my room. I told him to stay, but he kept running out and back and forth. I was for once scared, I didn’t know what was doing this, I didn’t know who or what that black shadow was. After 15 minutes of Jack barker at the shadow he ran back into my room and sat in his bed. Then I heard a loud bang, he starting barking again as he bolted out and into the living room again, he went to the doorway of the kitchen, sat down, and started growling. Each growl turned into a whine at the end. I got p to see what was going on and I saw the table flipped over on its side and chair in the back yard. That was my dad’s favorite thing to do, piss off the dog we owned at that time. Since I got Jack when my dad was in prison he was not used to this. As I flipped the table back over the basement door swung open and Jack ran down the steps and started barking again. I was scared, I didn’t want to go in the basement but I loved Jack and I didn’t want to leave him behind. I told myself that I had to, I ran down the steps almost as fast as Jack had. I picked him up, almost losing my grip and nearly dropping him, I quickly ran back up the stairs and slammed the door behind me. Without letting him go I ran back into my room and pushed my very big dresser in the doorway so he wouldn’t run out again. I looked for the notebook which I’m writing in. I looked around and couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked up and it was taped on top of one of the blades on my fan. I jumped on my bed and grabbed it.

So now here I am, wondering what in the hell happened. I’m going to move the TV into my room, and put the fridge in my mom’s room, since that is right around the corner from my room. And finally move the dresser into the doorway at the end of the hallway. This way I am blocked off from all interaction with the rest of the house. Before I do all of this I’m going to get some cases of water bottles. Some pop, food, freezer meals, and a brand new microwave, since the current one is built into the stove. I am scared to leave Jack home alone after what just happened, but I need these items. I will write later tonight when I move everything and get back from the store.

I’m back, the time is now 8:36PM and I have completely rearranged the house like I said earlier. I’m watching a re-run of Beavis and Butt-head. When I got home from the store what I feared actually happened.

            I walked into the garage, walking my bike in with me, I closed the garage door behind me and I opened the basement door. I saw the black shadow hunched over Jack, I dropped my bike. As I ran towards Jack and the shadow it was like slow motion. I dived into the shadow, hoping it would affect it, but it didn’t. After I stood up I picked up Jack. He had a small bite mark on his side and it was bleeding. I grabbed a blanket from the shelf at the back of the basement. I ran back out in the garage and carefully set Jack down on the floor and quickly took everything out of the wagon and carefully picked up Jack and set him down in the wagon. I covered him up with the blanket and opened the garage door. I pedaled as fast as I could to the nearest vet, which I had no idea where it was. I stopped and asked the gas station attendant who I knew very well, since I used to go there a lot as a child. When she told me she asked me what was wrong, “Nothing, thanks!” I said without stopping. It took me about fifteen minutes to get there. When I got there it was empty, the only people there was the lady at the front desk and two doctors in the back at their desks. I was carrying Jack very softly, making sure he wouldn’t get hurt more. I sat in the office for almost three hours waiting for them. Eventually the doctors told me that he would need to stay the night since the cuts were so deep. I said okay, and then paid the lady at the desk. I pedaled home and when I got back I realized I never closed the garage door. I threw my bike down and picked up what I could of the stuff I bought. By the time I got upstairs and emptied the fridge it was 6:18PM so I asked my neighbor, who is very strong, to help me moving the fridge. As I walked out of the house hear a loud bang and I ignored it. When I knocked on the door no one answered, I tried two more times and nothing happened. I walked back to my house to see what the loud bang was. I walked in the front door and back into my room, I saw the clock and it said 7:56PM. I looked around and didn’t see anything broken or out of place. I went into the kitchen and saw the fridge on its side blocking the entrance to the kitchen. I decided to just push it into my mom’s room. When it was there I heard another bang. I sighed as it was no surprise, but it was a very big surprise that awaited me in the living room. I finished tilting the fridge up on its side and plugged in. I walked out of the room I turned into my room, forgetting about the bang I heard. After taking a break and setting up the new, very crappy microwave I decided to move the TV into my room. I got up and walked down the hallway. The first sight was the couch lifted up on its side, on its arm. As I walked farther down the hall I saw every piece of furniture was on its side. Under the couch I found small un-carpeted area, which where a loose and unsteady board. I lifted it up and peeked my head in the opening. What I saw next nearly made me fall in, I saw two skeletons. Both of them without any skin or muscle. I almost puked from the smell, I quickly pushed the TV stand and the TV into my room and pushed the dresser down the hallway. I jumped on my bed and started breathing heavily. I couldn’t believe what I just saw. By the time I got in my room and filled the fridge it 8:30.

Now I am here. I am still sick to my stomach and I have to go to school tomorrow. I have no idea what I’m going to but I’m scared to even walk into the living room. I just realized I forgot one thing, the phone. Now the phone is going off, I have no idea what I’m going to do. All I know is that this it for tonight. I’ll write tomorrow when I get a chance.


November 5th, 1999

It is 6:35 in the morning and I am getting ready for school. I’m about to leave for the bus stop. I haven’t left my room since last night. I am not as scared as last night but I didn’t get a lot of sleep over the whole deal. I’m drinking milk and eating a granola bar. It’s time to leave now, wish me luck. I hope to god nothing happens while I’m gone, I’m going to check who called last night. I hope it was the vet for Jack. Goodbye for now.

Now it’s 12:52, I just ate lunch and now I’m in French. I’m in 9th grade. When I walked into school today everyone who considered me their friends asked me where I went. I told them that I was sick for a few days. I am bored out of my mind since I have been taking French classes since I was in 6th grade. I can even say my whole name and tell my age in French, I can say that I have a dog, and what his breed is. Bonjour mon nom est James, je suis quinze ans et j'ai un chien de deux ans nommé Jack. See? I just told you my name, how old I am, and that I have a dog named Jack in French. Anyways, we’re done taking notes so I need to close the notebook. I’ll write when I get home or when I’m done with homework.

Okay, the time is 4:59PM, I just finished all of my homework. After something happened, here it is;

            I got home around 2:55PM, as soon as I walked in the door I saw two of the blades missing from the living room fan, and both of the skulls from the two skeletons under the floor yesterday were sitting on the floor where the TV used to be. Freaked out, I threw my backpack in my room and went down in the basement, quickly, but cautiously, as what was obviously a demon or spirit or something out of this world was clearly hostile. I sprinted down the steps and through the garage door. I brought the house phone with me to call the vet and tell them I was coming to pick up Jack. I took my bike and went all the way to the vet. They said that Jack’s overnight stay and treatment would cost me $150, I paid the desk lady again and took Jack. I carried him carefully because of the stitches he received. I put him in the wagon and told him to stay. He lay down and stayed there the whole ride home. By the time we arrived at home I was okay with the fact that something messed up and scary would await me at home. When I walked into the garage I flipped the lights on and turned on the radio, I decided to stay in the garage and chill out. I knew it was bad but I needed to relax even if it was only 20 minutes. I pulled open the secret drawer tool chest and ripped out a small baggie full of joints, rolled by my dad. I felt around for a lighter. I took one out and lit the lighter. I sat down in a chair that was held together by duct tape. After a few minutes into the trip, as my dad called it, I saw a tall, very dark, shadow emerge from the garage. High as a kite I had no idea what it is was. “WHOA HEY MAN!” I said. “You want some?! I got two more here for you.” I had no idea who this guy was, and right now I’m not even sure it was an actual human being. I held the joint out and coughed, dropping it. As he showed more of himself from the basement I saw a long blade. “Jesus man what the hell is that thing?! Is that like your mom’s dildo or something?” I laughed, he bolted towards me and I lost it, I screamed like a little girl and pushed myself back into the wall as the song on the radio grew more intense. About a foot in front of me he disappeared. “What the hell?!? Man, screw that!” I yelled as I stood up and crushed the joint with my foot and walked through the basement and into the kitchen.

That was the second time in my life I have smoked, the first time was when I was only seven and my dad forced me to. Right now I’m counting my money…. And, done. I have exactly $3,109 and 69¢. I find it hard to believe that I have only spent $401 so far. Well, I’m tired, and Jack has beaten me to sleep. I’m gonna take a nap, I need it after what happened in garage. But, before I go. Writing this makes me feel like I am living in a ghost town, all alone. It is the most I have shared about my life to anyone, ever. Even if this journal of paranormal events isn’t a living, breathing, soul it sure feels like it. I’ll write when I can, all this missed school work and home work is catching up.

December 10th, 1999

Here we are again, my friend, journal. Nothing overly paranormal has happened in the past month, it seems as if the spirits are calm during Thanksgiving. Since my family is either dead or a refugee from the law, I still celebrated. Ever since my mom has committed those crimes early last month I have had this sense of independence and pride in myself. As I said I have no family, and no siblings. I normally would spend Thanksgiving at my grandparents of my mother’s side. Since my dad was first locked up her side of the family and the two of us rarely talked to them. I did however, get to have someone very special over for Thanksgiving, my girlfriend. I got a girlfriend the day after I stopped writing in November. Thanksgiving was also the day I lost my virginity, and god am I thankful for that.

She came over around 6PM, in a very nice dress, needless to say she was beautiful. Oh, I almost forgot her name, her name is Cassie. When she first showed up she asked why the furniture was on its sides and why there was no fridge in the kitchen. When she asked this I told her to sit down at the table. I explained everything that had happened to me in the past month. She is a very understand girl, so thankfully she didn’t call me a freak or a wacko, she herself have had some paranormal experiences at her house, although none of them matched up to mine. When she asked me to explain I told her to follow me in the room. As we walked down the hallway she saw the fridge and the microwave. She asked me again what was up with the furniture. “Just wait a second, you will see in just a minute.” I responded. I went into my closet and ripped out this notebook and let her read it. She took it from my hands and started reading, it took her about thirty minutes to get through the whole thing. I told her to continue reading while I finished dinner, which was a turkey covered in barbeque sauce, with stuffing and ham, along with wine for the drink. The turkey was very expensive, but I really liked and still do like this girl, after about thirty minutes she came out of the living room and into the kitchen. She was silent, the look on her face was startling, I asked her what was wrong, and she said nothing. I nodded as I was setting the table. As I tried to make this a perfect night I knew that something would get messed up. I asked her if she wanted anything to drink as I was filling her plate with everything I cooked. She asked me what I had, “Mountain Dew, Water, Coke, and Wine.” I replied. “I’ll have some wine, please.” She said. I then got two wine glasses out and poured some of my mom’s wine in them. I set both of our plates down and asked her if she was religious. She said, “No, but I would like to thank you for making this amazing dinner and sharing it with me.” I nodded yes like I was saying you’re welcome. I then told her that she looked very beautiful. She was a very polite girl, despite what you might generalize or stereotype from the type of girls that lived in my town, tom girls, which she was not. I opened my mouth, getting ready to speak, when all of the sudden she said, “How about a toast, for what your reward for this amazing dinner.” I said, “Alright.” She raised her glass as I did and we drank on it. It was the happiest moment of my life. I was having a civilized, argument-free, conversation with a girl that I thought I was falling in love with. After dinner I cleaned up the table, when I reached for her plate she grabbed my wrist, I stopped and looked at her as she smiled at me, brushing her beautiful brown hair back  so I could see her bright blue eyes. “Do you have any more weed?” She asked. I gasped in shock, “Yeah.” I answered truthfully, as I knew what was coming next, and I did not want it to happen. “You wanna smoke it after?” She asked again, with an even more naught tone of voice. “Hell no I’m not touchin’ that shit after what happened last time!” I yelled. “C’mon, don’t be a scardy-cat.” She said with a wink. I decided to go with it, to see where it would go. As soon as I finished cleaning up we ran downstairs and went into the garage. I took out the bag and the lighter as I did earlier that month. She took the first hit, “Whooa awesome.” She said in a laid back, not-caring voice. I took the second hit and we went back and forth. After about five minutes she sat down on my lap and I was able to get a prefect view down her dress. I grew hard almost immediately and she felt it through the bottom of her dress. “So, you want your reward now?” She said very deeply, almost sounding like my father. She wrapped her arms around my neck and swung herself around, opening her legs to my chest. She gave me a long, but soft kiss. Use the little grasp of reality I had I said, “No, not yet, not when we’re like this.” She sighed, and then twenty minutes later were in my room in the same position. She threw my down on my bed and slide my shirt up, kissing my stomach and going down inch my inch. I won’t go into much detail but it was hot, and at the end of the night I had been given a head, but I lost my virginity, I could care less about any of that. All I cared about at the moment was how amazing it felt, we moaned, it felt like we were one. At the split second we both reached climax I knew that even if we were both fifteen, she was the one. When we were done we didn’t even bother getting dressed again, we lied down together in my bed and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up around 4AM and her parents have called over ten times and I knew I was in deep shit, as soon as I woke got up I woke her up told her to get dressed. She said that she never wanted to go home, she said that she loved me and never wanted to see her abusive mother or father again. She walked into the kitchen while I was eating some cereal, still completely naked. I whistled at her. “Why the hell are we up so early Jamie?” She asked, she calls me Jamie because she thinks it sounds sexier than Jim or James or anything like that. I told her, “Black Friday, my mom left me $3,500 and I’m gonna get some quality products for once, I’m done with that piece of crap microwave in my room.” She nodded and went back to bed. Before I left I went into my room and told that I loved her too. I remembered that a few days before I was given my permit, I just hoped that no police thought I would be too young. I had just rented a car the day before and I planned to use it. When I left the final store I had come home with a brand new big TV, a brand new microwave, a pager, and five bags full of food and drinks. By the time I got home it was already three in the afternoon, I was extremely tired. As I walked through the front door I yelled, “Cassie, I’m home, you up?” I heard crying and screaming in my room, I dropped the bags and ran to her. I saw Jack lying on my bed and she was in nothing but lingerie, I kneeled down and gave her a very tight hug and like the world was about to end. She said, “J… Jack..” She took a long breath, “Jesus Christ!! Why?!?” I held her tighter and asked her what was wrong. She took another deep breath and tried to stop hyperventilating, “I don’t know! I woke up and was hung from the ceiling fan.” She took another few breaths, as she finally stopped hyperventilating, “I got a knife and cut the rope and held him, but he wouldn’t wake up! He’s breathing though, but he won’t open his eyes, and his heartbeat is so slow! Then when I set him on the bed I started crying and there was a huge shadow running up and down the hallway. It was throwing stuff in the room, I tried to turn on the TV to calm myself down but it didn’t turn on! It kept throwing stuff for almost an hour!!” Then she started crying again. I asked her, “Did you call anyone or get help?” “, I called the cell phone number you left on the fridge but no one answered!” She said frantically. Confused and worried I told her, “I didn’t leave my cell phone number, I don’t even have one.” She squealed in a high voice, “Then what was that?!” I asked her to show me the number and she nodded her head no, she was terrified to exit the room. I asked her where it was and she said it was on the counter in the kitchen. I ran out and saw the note, I read it.. “What the hell is thi-“ I was cut off by more screaming and bawling, I dropped the note and in a split second was back in my room. Jack was being flung up and down on my bed, he wasn’t jumping because he was still asleep. Scared, but not showing it, I said in a deep voice, (although it was cracking) It’s going to be alright baby, listen. I need you to get some clothes on and come with me to the car, we’re going to the vet for Jack, I need you to carry him to the car. I promise I will not let anything hurt you. I timed it right and grabbed Jack from the jumping cycle. As soon as Cassie was dressed I handed Jack to her. We bolted out of the house, I grabbed the bags I had dropped on my way in and then locked the door behind me. She ran to the car as I looked back at the house. I quickly drove off and she was in a very long shirt that barely covered her thighs. She was sitting in the back seat with Jack, holding him like I had held her. I was for once scared for my life. If whatever did this to Jack is very willing to do it to anyone or anything that harms it, or it feels threatened by. I told Cassie that we will stay in the house, but if something like this happens again we’re leaving. She let out a quiet “Mhmm” When we arrived at the vet she ran in with Jack as I scooped up the remaining $1,250 and chased after her. I ran into the vet as it was empty except for the doctors and desklady, who I had gotten to know a little bit after the last visit. I called her by her first name as she preferred. Her name was Antoinette, she was French, she had a cute French accent, and she spoke the language. “Antoinette, dépêchez-vous et vos médecins sacrément ici, quelque chose cloche avec Jack!” I spat out, worried so much I was not sure which language to speak in. She yelled for the lead doctor and he came out and took Jack. They asked me what happened, “It’s too hard to explain, it’s a very long story, just take him and please fix him!” I said, almost yelling. I did not want to lose Jack he was only two years old. He nodded his head lightly and ran back. Antoinette asked me what was wrong. I sat down, took a deep breath and started explaining where it all began, when the hauntings started and the situation I was in. When I sat down Cassie also sat down on my lap, I could tell she was still scared because she was shaking like crazy. When I was finished explaining all that Antoinette could say was ‘wow’. The second that the doctors came out of the treatment room Cassie jumped up and asked them if Jack was going to be okay. “Well, we’re not sure, whatever the hell did this to poor Jack must’ve been shaking him pretty hard. He is a coma. I hope you don’t mind, but we overheard your story while we were treating Jack. He’s going to need to stay here, we have no clue when he will come out of it, but it will not be anytime soon. Since you are the only patient we’ve had in almost months we can take off the charge a bit, and since Jack is such a young and cute dog.” Cassie immediately went to tears once again, I stood up and held her, I told it was going to be okay. I told the doctors thank you and I left with Cassie still in tears. When we got to the car I gave her another hug and asked her if her parents are normally home around this time. She nodded her head ‘no’. I haven’t heard her voice for since this morning, and it was already 4:30PM. I drove to her house, and I told her to go pack up whatever she needed, clothes, bathroom products, and any money she had, along with any money her parents had in the house. She once again nodded her head with a ‘yes’. It took her about fifteen minutes to come back out. When she came back in the car she had two suitcases full of everything I asked her to get. Including a case full of money, apparently her father had robbed a bank when he lived in Florida, and somehow managed to get away clean with the money. When we got home she was oblivious to what had happened while I was gone, she just wanted sleep. I escorted her inside and turned on the TV, she was petrified, scared to move a muscle. She laid down and watched TV while she rested. I brought everything inside, when I opened the case full of money I was amazed at the amount. It took me almost an hour to count it all. When I finally finished counting in the money, putting in the money left over from my mom it was at a ridiculous total of $43,327 and 32¢. I screamed in joy, Then I put all of the money except $500 in the case and put it in a locked chest, which I hid the key in the rented car. At the end of the day I had moved the TV back into the living room, and put the couch back in its regular position. I was watching TV in the living room before I went to bed and I heard the phone ring. I decided to see who it was by letting the answering machine get it. An extremely deep voice that sounded almost identical to my dad’s voice picked up it said, “Hello, this is James, I live at-“ I picked up the phone, once again baffled at who had changed the answer machine message. “Look here James, I don’t know where you live, but I know you stole my baby girl from me, and I will not stand for that! I will find you, and when I do, you’re going to wish you were dead!” It was Cassie’s dad, instead of hanging up I responded, “No you look here, you abusive asshole! She’s mine, she wants to stay with me, so be it. I had an abusive father and I can understand that. I can also call the police about that bank in Florida.” I heard a gasp, than he hung up. Feeling pretty good about myself I turned off the TV and crawled into bed with Cassie. I whispered into her ear, “Your dad called, he said he’s gonna kill me if you find me, I told him good luck.” She turned on her other side and looked at me, “What? My parents died in a car crash this morning, I saw it on the news. Then I fell asleep again.” I was sick, I had no idea who changed the answering machine message or who I was talking to. My eyes grew wide, than she asked me if I was okay. I nodded my head with a soft ‘yes’ and rolled over and fell asleep.


That was Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Cassie is still living with me and she is watching write this right now. She’s the one who asked me to write this story. Since I’ve been extremely busy with school I haven’t been able to write since then, and I doubt I’ll be able to write until Christmas break. Until then, goodbye, journal.


December 23rd, 1999

Hello, it’s James and Cassie here. Our birthdays are on the same day, December 18th, so we celebrated together of course. Jack is still sick, but he is getting a lot better, he was released from the vet on the 18th, so that was a great present from Antoinette, as she said it was. He is sleeping behind us now. His right hind leg isn’t functional, but there still is hope for it to get 50%-70% functionality back. He has to take this medicine every day in his food. He also must stay on a strict diet or he could fall into a coma again. We also have the tree up. Since we are both 16 we both now have drivers’ licenses and my dad’s mother for some reason, decided, to give me a car for my birthday. It was the first time I have talked to her in months, and last week she called me. I told her what happened and she was devastated, but she wanted to call and tell my mom about my birthday present. So I now have a car and a driver’s license. I know exactly what I’m going to get Cassie for Christmas, but I can’t write it here now because she’s with me. The time is 8:24PM. We are both really tired from having a party with several of our classmates. I sound like I’m an adult, I sure as hell act like it, but I’m definitely far from it. Fortunately nothing paranormal has happened since the last time I have written. So that means I will not have to re-visit the dreaded memories. I will write on Christmas morning, after I have given Cassie her gift.


December 25th, 1999

So here we are, I have given Cassie the best gift of her life, that is what is she says at least. I gave a (very expensive) 10carrot diamond necklace with a pendant that’s made of pure gold and embedded diamonds in it, in the shape of a heart. I wish I had a camera to capture he face, but, wait, I do! That is what my beautiful Cassie got me. It is almost lunch time and my grandmother is coming to visit for the first time since I was a baby. She said that she wants to meet Cassie and see me as a grown up young man. When we woke up I saw that Jack was walking on all fours. I sprung up out of bed and called Antoinette at the vet’s office, “Oh mon dieu, vous n'allez pas le croire!" I quickly spit out as she picked up. "James? Est-ce vous?" she asked, "Oui!" "Jack, c'est lui, il marche à quatre pattes! " I exclaimed, beyond happy. Cassie walked out, still half-asleep. She saw Jack and yelled in happiness, she ran to me and swung her arms around me and gave me a hug. Her smile ran from ear to ear. I picked up Jack and give him a man-to-dog hug. So for it has been a great Christmas, I will write tonight, right now I need to start cooking dinner.

It is finally night, Christmas is over, it was amazing, Christmas dinner, Christmas presents, Christmas music, and an amazing lunch cooked by Cassie. There is just one last thing to complete this amazing Christmas; Christmas sex. Once again I will write when I can, nothing paranormal since Thanksgiving. Let’s hope this paranormal-free month continues. I must go, Cassie keeps calling me.


December 31st, 1999. 10:46PM

This is the day that a lot people say the world ends. I don’t believe it, I really don’t, but Cassie on the other hand is a bit skeptic. If so then this is it, eh? I only get to live 16 shitty years, and only get do it ten times? If so, then no wonder I’m an Atheist. Cassie is the first girl I’ve ever been with, and I want her to be the person I die with. Right now I’m gonna light one last joint with Cassie to finish off our lives. Better high than dry, right? 50 minutes later… Wow man that was the best trip I’ve been on! Longest too, not to mention the kinkiest…. Nevermind ‘bout that. All that matters is that it’s 11:40 at night, and the ball is about to drop, much like mine did when I was a young teenager. That’s right, my balls dropped early, is there a problem? Not at all. Hopefully I can finish my life off honestly, if that’s really what’s gonna happen anyways. My dad gave me my very first Playboy when I was nine and a half, two months before he went to prison. I have liked Cassie for months, even before she asked me out, and the truth is, I have had many, pathetic, and un-realistic fantasies about her. I have wanted to seriously kill one person, my own father, but the fire took care of that. So, if the world is really going to end in three minutes I want to end it counting down on here, and kissing Cassie. If not, then I will write tomorrow morning, or afternoon. Well, here we go. Goodbye world, I love you Cassie. 10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1…..


January 1st, 2000

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I guess I admitted all of that last night for no reason, oh well, at least I was honest with Cassie. Bad news, we had to leave the house, the good news, however, is that we have more than enough money to rent an apartment. It’s about 7:32PM and we’re almost to our destination. Here’s what happened last night;

            I heard an extremely loud bang, I got up and put my sweatshirt on. I looked at the bedside clock and saw the time, 3:00 on the dot, the devil’s hour for those superstitious believers, and based on my experiences I was. I hesitantly grabbed the bat that was above my doorframe, which still had no door. I heard Cassie and Jack awake and I told both of them to stay. I slowly walked down the hallway, checking each room as I past it. I heard footsteps above me, and constant bangs in the living room. “Oh my god no, not again.. I was starting to like this house again.” I said as I peered my head into the dim-lit living room. The old TV was being smashed from wall to wall, smashing the drywall on the inside walls and breaking the windows. I looked very carefully before swinging the bat. I couldn’t see a damn thing. So I decided to take a swing, to see what I hit. I hit nothing but the TV and the wall. All of the sudden the TV drops to ground and makes an extremely thump. I see the bat being ripped out of my hands right in front of me. I block my face with my arms as I see the bat swing towards me. The next thing I remember was behind thrown back, after a nasty blow to my stomach. I scream in pain, and then I hear both Cassie and Jack get up, and I see the light turn on. With as much power I had to yell, I was able to get out, “Stay in there.” In a very quiet, coarse voice. I use the wall behind me to get up, I was able to stand up with the wall helping me. I then scream in the loudest voice I had, “WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME DAD?!?!” I see the bat drop, and then I hear footsteps towards me, and a force that felt like a hand push up against my neck, “No! Stop it!” I say, trying to keep my voice. I looked to the left and saw Cassie holding Jack with her life as she was crying at the sight of me being choked. At the last second of breath I had the force stopped, I heard twice as many footsteps above me again. Then I heard in my ear, a very light whisper, “Stay away from your mother’s house, or this will happen every night for the rest of your life.” I gasped, and then the voice continued, “I read your stupid-ass journal every time you leave, and I’m sick and tired your damn dog, son. I was the one who put that fake phone number on the counter and hung your dog on the fan. I thought he would’ve died, I guess it was unsuccessful.” I started getting choked up, trying to hold the tears in since Cassie was right there. All of the sudden the floor boards above me came crashing down, and I saw nothing. Nothing visible caused it to fall. A nail on one of the boards came down and sliced my left hand. The cut was so deep I could see the bone. I let out a small little yelp and then the thing, who I thought was my dad’s spirit, stuck something in the deep cut and I screamed even more. “I used to do this in prison, find something cut people’s hands and stick my finger in the cut. I guess you could say it was.. Somewhat of a fetish.” It whispered in my ear again. I looked at the wall clock above the front door and read the time, it was already 3:43AM. After looking at the clock I felt a very cold breeze pass straight through me. I ran back to my room and grabbed Cassie and Jack. Then I went into the bathroom and grabbed a roll of cloth bandage. I ran out to the car with Cassie and Jack and I turned on the radio, I wrapped up the cut with the bandage and tried to keep Cassie calm, as Jack was barking out of the window. For the rest of the night we heard banging, yelling, and saw lights flickering. I could not sleep because of the pain and I knew that if I left for the hospital that something horrible would happen to the house. I kept refusing Cassie’s pleads to go to the hospital. Finally, at 6:43AM, the sun started to rise. I quietly got out of the car and went into the house. When I walked in the front door I saw the damage done to the living room and kitchen. I yelled, “Listen, dad, if you want me alright. I need to call a few people and a moving company. We’ll be gone and out of your hair by 3 o’ clock today.” I saw a small piece of chalk floating, on the wall adjacent to the front door the letters ‘O’ and ‘K’ appeared. I nodded and walked over to the phone. Not knowing any moving companies I called Antoinette and asked her, since we normally talk in French I was already speaking it without giving any mind to it. “Hé, Antoinette, c'est James. Quelque chose de vraiment mauvais s'est passé hier soir et Cassie et moi sommes déplacement hors de la ville. Je me demandais si vous saviez le nombre des entreprises de déménagement?” I said in a friendly voice when I the click of the phone picking up. “Oui, pourquoi êtes-vous déménager?” She asked, I replied, “Rien je peux en parler maintenant, je vais être par suite d'expliquer, mais maintenant j'ai besoin d'un certain nombre, dis-moi où vous l'avez.” I jotted down the number on a piece of paper and said bye. I called the moving company to see if they were open, they were. They answered the phone with a friendly greeting. I told them that I needed a moving truck at my address by 9AM. They told me the cost and said okay. When I was done on the phone I went out into the car and went to the car and drove to the local gas station. I wanted to get something to eat for Cassie and Jack, and get some boxes. I went in and asked them for about twenty cardboard boxes as I browsed for some good food. It wasn’t the regular lady who I was used to so there was sort of an awkward silence. As I came to the check out with a bag of chips and some water I took the boxes and paid for my food. I got back into the car and drove back home, I took the boxes and went into the house and started packing, surprisingly Cassie and Jack were still both sleeping. I started with the small, but necessary items. Then I packed every electronic in its boxes, my stereo, the TV, the good microwave. Finally, after it was already 9:50 I had packed everything, but there were at least thirty boxes, too many to count. I heard beeping and I saw the moving truck in my driveway, I opened the front door and saw a small can with a label on it, the label read, “Jimmy’s Ashes” Jimmy was my dad, he was called Jimmy by all of his friends and family. I picked it up and set it on the trunk of my car. I greeted the truck driver and told him that the boxes were inside, as he followed me inside Cassie opened her car door, “Jamie? What’s going on?” “We’re moving babe, just like you asked.” I said. She had the biggest smile on her face. As he entered the house he asked me what happened to the living room, “Nothing, but the kitchen is worse.” I said with a sarcastic grin. We both picked up two boxes each and Cassie sat in the car watching us. When we were carrying the last boxes I ran into my room and grabbed Jack’s leash, his water and food dish, and the rest of his food. I carried this to my trunk and I asked Cassie to open it. I put the ashes of my father in too. I asked him to help me move the final piece into the truck, the bed. He said he would help me but he thought we need help. I told him that we should try it as it is. After thirty minutes of moving the bed we finally loaded it into the truck. I told the truck driver to wait a few minutes while my girlfriend decided where she wants to live now. I told her that we could only afford an apartment and it had to be in the United States. After a few minutes of thinking she said that she wanted to live somewhere in New Jersey, but not that far from New York City. I nodded my head and asked her if she knew a town. She said that she her city once lived in a beautiful town called Atlantic Highlands, in New Jersey. So, I told the truck driver where we were going. I told him that we had to make a pit stop. When I stopped at the vet it was already 10AM and I stopped to see Antoinette. When I entered with Jack and Cassie and I told Antoinette the whole story of what happened last night I showed her the cut on my hand. She said I go to the hospital and I told her that I was already planning on it. So with that we drove out of East Norriton, Pennsylvania and into our new lives. After an hour of being the car I decided to stop one of those rest places and get something to eat. When I saw Cassie get out of the car I knew she was going to say something about my hand, but I kept telling her to stop worrying about it. Eventually she gave up and fell back to sleep in the car. After getting back into the car and back on the road I looked at the clock and it was almost three. As I drove into New Jersey, Cassie started to wake up and ask where we were. I told her that we were almost there. She smiled and fell back to sleep. As soon as we arrived at Atlantic Highlands I started looked for an apartment, and for a school. I turned onto Harbor View Avenue and saw an amazing view of the beach and several apartments lined up facing the ocean. I quickly pulled into one of the driveways and looked for a sign that said they were renting out or for an office of some sort. Eventually I found one and rented out an apartment on the second floor and a big sliding glass door facing the ocean with a large balcony. It was time to unpack the building manager and the moving truck driver helped me move everything inside. By the time it was dinner time we had unpacked almost all of the boxes and all we needed to do was move the bed in, unfortunately it wouldn’t fit in the front door, so we lifted it up on the balcony and pushed inside through the doors. Then finally we were done, I paid the truck driver and he left. It was starting to get dark out and I was very tired. So Cassie and I went out for a nice, fancy dinner and when we came home there was a note on our door, it said, “Welcome to the neighborhood, kids.” Surprised as I was I didn’t let it bug me.

So that’s the end, I am here now, in my new apartment, watching TV with Cassie and Jack. I’m going to put this somewhere safe, perhaps in an actual safe with the rest of the $40,356 we have. Remember people, when life gives you lemons, screw the lemons and get a girl, a dog, and start living on your own at the age of 16, right? That’s my opinion, the lemons were my dad dying, my mom becoming a law-breaker, and the haunted house. Until the rest of my life, goodbye, journal.


July 23rd, 2003

Hello again, I haven’t seen this thing in years. It was pushed back in the safe and I haven’t seen it since. Well, I am 18 now, and so is Cassie, we both graduated at the local high school last year and our birthdays aren’t for another few months. I’m going to try to write a little more every year or so. So, nothing interesting since the new millennium, we still live together in the same apartment with the same Jack, we just celebrated Jack’s 6th birthday. We got him a girlfriend, yep, another dog. We named her Shelby, she is a fluffy and very cute terrier. I love terriers because they always make my day with their hyperactivity.  Shelby is three years old. So, until I see this notebook again, goodbye journal, for however long it will be.


December 18th, 2004

It is 8 in the morning, and today it’s Cassie’s and my birthday. I have an amazing present for her. I can write about it now since I am at the local jewelers. Today we both turn twenty, and a love romance that has been growing for five years I decided it’s time to make her my wife. I know it seems young for two twenty year olds to get married but it feels like we have already been married for a lifetime. I love Cassie with all of my heart, sorry, I’m going soft here. Here’s the plan; tonight I’m going to take her the nicest, fanciest restaurant and propose to her there, very cliché I know but I can’t think of anything better to do. Okay, I just bought the ring, it is now 10AM and I am driving back to the apartment to see Jack and Shelby, right now Cassie is out shopping. I will write later tonight after dinner, hopefully all goes well.

Twelve hours later…

I am getting ready to take her out, since we’re going to be gone for almost an hour I hired one of my neighbors to dog-sit Jack and Shelby. I’ll write tonight when I get home.

An hour and a half later…

SHE SAID YES! CASSIE IS MY FIANCÉE AND I LOVE HER! Woohoo! This is the best day of my life!!


June 14th, 2005

Today is the wedding day, and since Cassie is very superstitious with the saying that if you see your groom on the wedding day it will end badly. I am in light grey suit and I haven’t seen Cassie yet but I’m 100% sure she’s going to be beautiful. I’m not sure I’ll be able to write after the wedding, but I’ll try to write on our honeymoon. About that, we’re going to Brazil because I’ve heard there are amazing jungles there and even more amazing waterfalls. I better go now, it’s starting soon.


June 20th, 2005

I’m in Brazil and I can’t write for long. But I can confirm that Cassie looked amazing, she decided to be untraditional and wear a dress, a dress that looked EXACTLY like the one she wore on Thanksgiving in 1999, which was almost six years ago. I can’t believe this. I’m so happy right now. Brazil has been amazing so far, we have been here for four days, and we’re leaving tomorrow night. I know what I want to do for a living, in that those three years, from 2002-early 2005 I got a degree in film production and directing. Until later, goodbye journal



August 12th, 2008

I’m a father! Nine months ago Cassie and I tried for a kid and it came! Right now Cassie is sleeping and so is baby. It is a boy, but we haven’t decided on a name yet. On the business side I have directed two movies and produced three. They were all small titles and only one debuted in theaters. Well, I must go now, Cassie is starting to wake up and so is the baby boy. Until next time, bye, journal.


June 20th, 2011

My hero, I’m torn, my hero has died. Ryan Dunn. This is worse than when my mother ran and my dad died. I’ve been watching Jackass ever since it came out, I saw the 3D movie last year, and I’ve seen every single Jackass episode and movie. I can’t believe it. This morning I drove to the crash site, it was devastating. I’m going to have to get over it. I have a business conference in an hour. Oh yeah, that’s right, I got a new job, as an executive at CBS. I produce Letterman, and the Big Bang Theory. I’ll tell you though TV has gone to shit compared to the good stuff in the ‘90s. Which is why I plan on never writing here again, as many good memories it brings back it also brings back really bad memories. Before I go I must say, this digital revolution is confusing me, sure the internet was with me in 1999 but I never had it at my fingertips until 2004, I am still relatively new and it confuses me. The only reason I own a cell phone is for my job. I am still living in the same apartment with Cassie, Jack, Shelby, and our son, Paul. Jack is entering his final years of if small life soon, which I do not want to happen. Both Cassie and I are 26, Paul is almost three years old, and Shelby is eleven now and Jack and her still haven’t had any puppies. I think Jack should be able to get some kids before he turns 16, at least I hope he gets to 16. Well, I need to get on ferry across to New York City in a couple minutes. Cassie says I should publish this, since I am sort of famous now. I plan on it. So, those who are reading; I hope you enjoyed my life as an open book, literally. I want to saw before I close this for the last time that I love Cassie, Jack, Shelby, and Paul, even though sometimes I may not act like it, it’s my job getting to me. After the conference I think I’m going to find a publisher and get this thing published, I think I’ve written enough in this notebook. Goodbye.