The Area

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The Lot et Garonne is known as the Garden or the Fruit Basket of France, and sometimes even 'The Tuscany of France'.
A beautiful landscape with rolling hills which in our area is dedicated to growing fruit - cherries, apples, pears, plums (hence the famous Agen prunes), strawberries and melons, and other crops including maize, wheat, sugar beet and some tobacco.  Many crops are grown for seed that will then be distributed throughout France the following year.   Not forgetting, of course,  the acres of glorious sunflowers that light up fields during the summer.
The region is dotted with the picturesque bastide villages dating from the 13th century.  Sheltered arcades surround a main square, usually with an adjacent church and perhaps a market hall. An idyllic spot for sheltering from the midday sun with a glass of beer or local wine.
The rivers Lot et Garonne run through the department, and also the canal 'Entre-deux-mers- that runs from Bordeaux to Sete, effectively joining the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean.
The department lies to the south of the better known Dordogne, and enjoys a less frenetic approach to its tourist industry.  Whilst there are so many places to visit, sports to enjoy and panoramic vistas to appreciate, there are no traffic jams, no queues, and no battling for a parking space.  Visitors to the area can appreciate gorgeous scenery, colourful markets, delicious local cuisine and vineyard tours without any stresses associated with the high-volume tourist regions.
Valley near Puymirol