Student Comments

To Gill,

Thank you so much for all your help over the past year and for helping my confidence in maths!

I have enjoyed all of your lessons and I may even miss doing maths a little bit haha!

Thank you for all the help you have given XXXX.  His confidence has increased enormously.

Thank you for helping me for the past 2 years. You have helped me improve maths so much!  I can't thank you enough!

To Gill,
Thank you very much for helping me hugely with my maths! Supporting me and making me feel more confident towards maths. You have helped me understand and enjoy maths!

To Gill, 

Your patience and super sense of humour :-) has developed my self confidence and ability to believe that I can do maths and that at certain times, with the right tutor (you) I can enjoy it !

I think you are a brilliant and supportive maths tutor - thank you so much!

Dear Gill,

I also want to thank you for helping me in maths.  I couldn’t be looking forward to my maths SATS if it wasn’t for you, thank you

Dear Gill,

Thank you so much for being a brilliant teacher.

You have helped me so much with my math skills!

Thank you, for everything that you have done.

Hi Gill,

Just to say a big thank you for all your help with a subject I had previously been fearful of.  I intended to obtain additional maths lessons to compliment my maths at college.  Little did I realise how much assistance I would require.  All of your lessons have been delivered in a clear and concise manner incorporating your friendly personality.  I would go so far as to say if it hadn’t have been for your help I know I would have failed this subject.

Many thanks,

Hi Gill,

Thank you ever so much for helping XXXXX get her GCSE in Maths, She's absolutely over the moon today.

She has told me that you are a great teacher and doubts that she could of got this result without you.

She has done really well and has passed all subjects with A's and B's and C's, she desperately needed a pass in Maths to get her onto the A level course she had chosen to do at college.

Once again from us all. . . thank you very much

Thank You! For all your help and support!

To Gill,

Thanks for your card!  Also I am thanking you on tutoring me I enjoyed it.

I’ll see you in September!

Dear Gill,

I'm so happy for all the help you gave me and I'm so pleased I didn't let you down.  I didn't think I'd pass when I saw all my friends and they told me they hadn't but I kept thinking positively and to my surprise I got a C.  Out of my group of 20 friends, 2 passed including me.

. . .

Thank you for being there and not giving up on me,

To Gill,

Thank you for teaching me in Maths it's been very useful and helpful to me.


Thanks for all your help - I couldn't have done it without you.

XXXX has been coming home from school and getting out some of the maths worksheets/ workbooks we have here and doing them for fun!!  He loves his maths and both my husband and I agree that this is all down to you and your daughter.  I cannot tell you just how delighted we are with everything you have done for XXXX.

To Gill,

Thank you for everything Gill, I will miss you.

Extract from a home lesson observed by an assessor as part of my City and Guild's qualification (2000) ;

The lesson was well planned and showed how Gill had assessed XXXXX's needs.  In the first part of the session Gill very clearly explained what she had in mind for the session.  She checked that XXXXX also understood.  The re-cap on last week's simultaneous equations was excellent, as XXXXX had had difficulty in grasping this principle at school.  Gill then moved on to the sessions topic, constantly checking that XXXXX had understood each small stage of the problem solving.  Use of past papers, text books and her own examples held XXXXX's interest.

Gill shows an extensive knowledge of the subject area and her enthusiastic approach motivates XXXXX.  I feel confident that these one to one sessions with Gill will fulfil the main aims for XXXXX - build confidence in Maths - increase skills and increase XXXXX's chances of achieving grade C in mathematics in June this year.  

Gill creates an excellent learning environment  which encourages the students to learn a difficult subject  in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

All originals are available for inspection on request.