How It Works

Lessons are normally either 1, 1 ½ or 2 hours long.

Lessons are given at my home in Morley.

Millbeck Approach

During the first session, I will discuss your maths history with you.  Any strengths or weaknesses will be noted down, producing your individual learning plan, enabling me to efficiently organise future lessons

The hourly rate includes all books, practice papers and other materials.

If I need to cancel a session I will try my best to re-arrange for a mutually convenient time.

Though lessons are prepared in advance, I am happy to change the content at the last minute if the students arrive with any immediate maths problems.

The sessions are paced to suit the learner.

Some tutors sit and watch the student work for an hour, but I work the full lesson time with my learner.  Learners are never given work to complete at length on their own.  This would be a waste of time.