Spring Curb Side Chipping

Update: April 5, 2013

The potential for wildfire is always possible, and the science only requires that there is oxygen, an ignition and fuel available for the process to occur.  When ignitions are available, then there are enough of the other two components to satisfy all conditions, and with our current drought conditions, very little moisture to retard the process.  The only thing that can be done to mitigate the hazard is to remove fuels.  Yet it is difficult work, and one difficulty is the disposal of generated slash.  In an effort to help property owners to aid themselves and the entire Jemez Corridor, the Greater Eastern Jemez Wildland Urban Interface Corp (your local FireWise Community organization) is arranging for curb side chipping of your slash.  Click "Chipper Days" in the website menu for complete details.  Note that chipping may defeat the life cycle of bark beetles that have entered the slash (see our "Bark Beetles" page for details, and for information on "Borers" as well).

GEJWUIC Splitter Free to Loan

Update: September 13, 2012

There are two wood splitters, owned by the Greater Eastern Jemez Wildland Urban Interface Corporation that are loaned out free to any resident that would like to use one of them.  Click "Area Resourcesin the website menu for complete details.

What is GEJWUIC about and Who are we?

Our Mission: The Greater Eastern Jemez Wildland Urban Interface Corporation (GEJWUIC) would like to invite you to participate in a regional effort to reduce fuel loading on private property in the Jemez Mountains. The GEJWUIC is a non-profit tax exempt organization that is in the process of helping landowners implement the Firewise program along the upper Jemez corridor. Firewise is sponsored by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group whose members are responsible for wildland fire management in the United States.  GEJWUIC is here to assist individual property owners by creating defensible space around residences and by thinning over-stocked lots in the Northern Jemez Corridor (Areas 1, 2, and 3), La Cueva area, Thompson Ridge, Seven Springs, Sierra Los Pinos area and Cochiti Mesa. Any property owner within the Focus Area, North of Soda Dam and South of the Sandoval/Los Alamos county line along State Highway 4 and East of the Fish Hatchery along State Highway 126 is encouraged to address the problems of excessive fuel loading on private property in the Greater Eastern Jemez Corridor and is a member of the GEJWUIC Firewise Communities with an ongoing commitment to finding better solutions for each of our diverse communities.

Our Contributors: Organizations that are contributing or participating in the project implementation are:

If you want to know more about other Firewise initiatives and recommendations, look on the web here. Thanks for your interest in reducing fuel loads!! This program can make our homes safer and our forests healthier.