In Memory

Memories of our family and childhood help shape our personality and who we become.  Our character is affected by parents, brothers, sisters, friends and the environment in which we grow up.  When we choose to confront our past, we grow as people and can move forward in our lives.  With fond remembrance we honor these former classmates who have passed on...

Granite City High School

North 1981

    Todd Baumeyer

    Scott Blaylock

    Scott Borowski

    Rich Choat

    Kenna Corzine

    Jenny Evans

    Laura Gantt 

    Roger Hahn

    Brady Heifner

    Jeff Helfer

    Dan Kelly

    Lori King

    B.J. Lybarger

    Shayne Matyas

    Patty Morris

    Scott Nonn

    Don Palovchik

    Sandy Sampson

    Kim Schott

    Monty Stagner

    Denise Toney











With the sweetest wind beneath their wings

These friends soar through the heavens above.

Finding peace, joy and happiness brings

The blessings we wish them, with our love.