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We made this website, Gift Cards for Good, to collect gift cards for charity.

Come on, lend a hand! Send your old, mostly-used gift cards to us. You might have some that were gifts and others that were given to you as store credit. We will use your cards for charitable causes--to help people who need something that they can’t get themselves. We will collect hundreds of gift cards from all kinds of stores. Each one may only have a little bit on it, but "a lot of a little makes a lot". Once we’ve collected a lot of cards, we can use the value that has built up from each little bit and do a lot with it.

We will take gift cards from just about any store you can think of and do wonderful things with them! For example, we will be able to help buy food for hungry children and clothes for cold children. We will also be able to give presents to kids who never get any at the holidays. We can also help charities that build houses for those who don’t have the money to do it for themselves.

A couple of dollars left on a gift card won’t do you much good. However, if we collect lots cards from lots of people then we can do lots of good. Please help.