We stock everything you need in one little shop. From shoe polish, to glue, to nail varish remover, organic fruit and veg, to magazines, sweets, cigarettes, wine... we have it all. And if we don't, just tell us and we'll order it for you.

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 11pm
Saturday: 8am - 10pm & Sunday: 8am - 9pm

Services Available:

  • Newspapers and Magazines.
  • General Grocery, Cigarettes, Minerals, Ice Cream and Confectionary.
  • Hot Food and Deli Counters  (available 7.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.).
  • Lottery.
  • Mobile Phone Top ups.
  • Billpay (Pay all Bills) and Credit Card Top ups.
  • E- Flow and Toll Tag toll pay.
  • Fax and Photocopying Service (Colour and Mono).
  • Payzone and Postpoint Agencies.
  • Western Union Money Transfer
  • Parcel Connect, Fastway and DPD Courier Drop off and Pick up point [Please ensure all items are correctly labelled and packaged]
Ice-cream - Whip, Whizz and Shake

- Plain Ice-cream Cones
- 99’s
- Tubs
- Flake

Speciality Tubs

- Smartie, Crunchie, Cadbury’s Caramel or Choc Chip Cookie: €2.50

Milk Shakes

Flavours: Strawberry, Chocolate, Butterscotch or Raspberry

Speciality Shakes
Choice of Aero, Mint, Kinder Bueno, M & M’s, Flake, Smarties, Malteesers or you can choose a flavour from our large range of chocolate bars on the shop stand.

Deli Counter:

- Chicken Fillet Baguette 
- Chicken Baguette and a drink (can) of your choice 

Open until 2.30 p.m. Mon. - Fri.
- Chips
- Coleslaw, Cheese or Curry Chips 
- Curry, Cheese & Chips
- Coleslaw, Cheese & Chips
- Quarter Pounder
- Cheese or Coleslaw or Curry Quarter Pounder 
- Jambon
- Pizza Slice 
- Sausage Roll 

- Chicken Curry (with Rice or Chips) 
- Sweet n’ Sour Chicken (with Rice or Chips)
- Chicken Drumstick
- Chicken Fillet
- Chicken Fillet Roll

- Sausage Roll 


All Sandwiches are available on either Brown or White Bread
- Deepfilled Salad Sandwich
- Wraps and Baps 
- Salad Roll

- Extra Fillings include: Chicken, Ham, Tuna, Egg Mayonnaise, Pepper, Tomato, Cheese, Scallion, Red Onion, Coleslaw, Stuffing, Sweet Corn, Lettuce

Breakfast Roll or Sandwich
- Small, with 2 items
- Large, with 3 items

Egg / Sausage / Rashers 
Pudding / Hash Brown 

Available on a made to order basis and are charged per weight.
- Bowls with Meat/Fish/Chicken 
- Vegetarian Bowls