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Millions of people around the world love their tea.
Tea bags are most popular in the developed countries, as a convenient and easy to use alternative to loose leaf tea. Are you using white, natural or brown color tea bags? Is there a difference? The answer is yes. Natural and brown tea bags are made without the use of bleach. White color tea bags are made with the use of bleach. The reason for using bleach is to make them WHITE in color. Obviously. But Why? It is to creates pure, clean, fresh, healthy and inviting look. 

You may think, why should I worry about little bit of bleach, I only drink a cup a day, or less.This is proportional to the compounding effect. And if you love your chips, potato wedges, roasted petatos, and other frozen or ready to eat chips, you probably did not know, but yes, they contain bleach. The reason potato produce is bleached, is to maintain it's original color. In natural conditions, potato  left for over half hour starts to discolor, going darker, until gets grey and ultimately black.

Another product used in abundance is flour. Lots of flour sold on the supermarket shelf is being bleached. Why? To look fresher, cleaner and healthier. Consumers can read on the label "bleached flour". Imagine however, all the produce manufactured out there, in ready to use frozen and other types of food, with the use of bleached flour, but consumers don't even know about it. Manufacturers are not legally obligated to list in the ingredient label "bleached flour", because they do not manufacture flour. So they only list the ingredient as "flour", or "wheat flour". 
What may contain flour are pizzas, dumplings, gravies, sauces, pancakes, biscuits, breads, bread rolls, pastas, cakes, pastries...and lots more. All of these sold in fast food chains, restaurants and in the ready to eat and frozen sections. That's lots of flour and lots of bleach.

The little bit of bleach does add up, possibly making you sick. You may not even know there is a connection. You still may think, well, it's not that bad.

The truth is, 21st century is seeing humanity consuming loads of bleach. Not to mention other chemicals in other every day use products, such as: shampoos, skin care, cleaning products, colorings, preservatives and hormones.

As for tea bagsUse loose tea leaf (green, fruit or herb tea ie rosehip tea are the healthier options). Or you may tear the tea bag and make a tea pot, or pour it into a cup. Cover cup with a little plate, and the bits will float down to the bottom of the cup. Another method is to filter it through a sieve and vouloir..

If we consume and or are exposed to too many chemicals, sugar, salt, fat, etc, our cells get so saturated with toxins and poison, that thy are unable to absorb it any more. Consequently, our body can not expel it or process it, and sooner or later is "explode's" or rebel's. Our body explodes with cancers, lumps, tumors, alzheimer's, diabetes, obesity, allergies, etc etc.

You may think the situation it's not so bad. Well, it is. There are many dangerous chemicals sold in everyday food and housecleaning products. 
Another problem are cheap imports from China, India and other like countries...

Read full article "Bleach Alert"  link

                        Start being a smart and healthy shopper, start checking the ingredients labels.
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