Problems with bridleways:

Permission has been given for paint balling in this wood, however, there are restrictions in place. Please follow this 
Link to see what they are and if you ride in this area  can you check they are keeping to the agreed restrictions ? Email us if there are any problems. Eg they are not allowed to use this facility after 5pm or on Sundays !!! There are problems with 2 of the gates and the wooden bridge is rotten (but avoidable) so these have been reported to LCC


Currently, the barriers are across but most days they are  raised at 8.30 am for access but are locked again at 4.30 pm. However you can always phone 01253 887515 to ensure there is a ranger available to open the barrier for you. At the time of writing, there is no bus service to the Country park so you can also use the bus lane if necessary.

NB! Rangers are only on site between 9am and 4.30pm!!!! 

There have been a spate of incidents with dogs and horses on the bridleway at the Stanah countrypark, Beacon fell  and on the beaches at Fleetwood and Fluke Hall. Can we suggest you ask dog owners politely to put their dogs on leads especially if they are boisterous around your horse ; the dog owner is responsible for the actions of their canine friend!  Please report any incidents to the British Horse Society,  countryside rangers and/or us. 


YEAH! two lovely bridleway signs have now been erected on the concessionary bridleway near Fleetwood Golf Club and are looking great!


Good and bad  news with regards to these gates! the landowner has been contacted and they have submitted a planning application for the gates , then they are going to change the opener on one gate and fit a horse friendly catch to the other one. Let's hope this all goes ahead soon as  we are not sure on the current time  frame. At the time of writing the gates are closed!!! They have also been contacted  by the local authority as these gates are not what was passed in the planning this space !!!! At present the gates are once again closed and this has been reported to LCC

HERONS REACH,  Blackpool 

Yet again there is a problem with the underlying membrane being exposed due to the stones being washed away. This is at the Staining side of the  loop. This membrane is slippy and was reported to Blackpool Council who repaired the path with  extra stone , only for it to be washed away once again! Keep reporting folks otherwise nothing will get repaired!


All these bridleways continue to be over grown and very wet and boggy.....we are on the case!!!! Although some work has been done the ground remains very soft and deep in places so we recommend you do not use this bridleway at the moment until it either has chance to firm up or further work is carried out. 


We are aware of the erection of a fence on this lane and having ridden it recently the Bridleway is not affected and it is more than wide enough for two horses  to pass side by side. However, there seems to be a problem with people needing access  with their vehicles. There are also problems with people parking and blocking access onto the bridleways...we are looking into the possibility of signage here. Sadly this is not within our remit and needs to be taken up with the council. 

Also in this area......there is work being done by large machinery and the tracks have been affected...please take care and report any problems you have.


The gates at the southern end of the bridleway have been reported by twice and are on the list of work to be carried out. The first gate off the road is attached to a fence which is falling down. The second gate opens OK but the catch is broken and if there are sheep in the field this MUST be closed!


There are 2 gates on this stretch of path...please note this is not a bridleway but a consessionary route.....both need attention. Once again they have been reported to LCC

If you encounter a problem with a bridleway such as access, poor maintenance, difficult gates etc, please contact one of the folllowing:

  • Wyre and Lancaster: Paul Falcone 01772 530317 or Sadie Greenall 01253 887220 
  • Central Blackpool: Russ Weaver 01253 478610 or Mark Scrivens (Neighbourhood Co-ordinator)         01253 478421   or 07796994598
  • Lancashire County Council
  • LCC David Goode;
  • LCC Stephen Williams;
  • Lancashire county council highways dept 0300 1236780
  • Blackpool South
  • LCC PROWO Steve Williams 01772 533886
  • Diane Farley Blackpool Central 

 Jill Broadhurst


To request a Road Horse Warning Sign in your area contact Glenn Robinson  (LCC) 01524 753347