Pleasure ride equipment check list

This is a list kindly put together by Cheshire group Egb !! Don't we all love list :-) , it's a great way to make sure you have all you need before you set off to do an organised pleasure ride.

Don’t Forget

Map in map case


Travel rug / boots / tail bandage or guard etc


Poop scoop to clear anything you wouldn’t want to leave at the venue


A haynet plus a small feed for after the ride tends to be appreciated by most


Tack….We have all heard stories of a forgotten saddle, bridle or girth!


Riding gear…Think about yourself. Have you got your boots/chaps, riding hat, gloves and whip if you carry one? Do you have pockets for your phone or should you take a bum bag. A flask with a warm drink or a drinks holder with a cold drink count as essential items plus any food you wish to take with you.


Enough water for your horse to drink and to use to cool your horse after the ride.


Grooming kit – especially a hoof pick


Water buckets


Wash off kit…sponges, brushes etc


Scraper / towel


Sweat rug / fleece rug


Bag for dirty numnah / boots etc after ride


Rider First aid kit. There will always be a first aider at the venue if you need help


Horse first aid kit …This is a personal thing but we recommend electrolytes, leg cool gel, vet wrap, gamgee, purple spray, hibscrub and clean sponges.