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2016 be visible not vulnerable!

As a horse rider you form part of the complex traffic mix on our roads.You should do all you can to protect yourself and your horse from the dangers that can exist when riding out.
Remember car drivers and other road users may know very little about horses and their behaviour; so think about how you can help so that everyone stays safe.
􀀀 Give other road users the chance to see you early and therefore react accordingly. Wear fluorescent/reflective clothing and fit similar items to your horse.
􀀀 Most drivers want to pass slowly and safely, giving you and your horse room. To enable drivers to do this slow to a walk and ride single file when traffic needs to pass. It is then easier for other road users to pass slowly, giving you plenty of space.
􀀀 If you do have to stay two abreast, walk and keep in to the side to give vehicles enough space to pass safely.
􀀀 Carry a mobile phone with you for use in an emergency; however, remember it is not safe to use your phone whilst riding out on the roads. Keep it for emergencies only.
􀀀 Remember to use hand signals to make other road users aware of your intentions to manoeuvre.
􀀀 Always show courtesy to other road users by acknowledging consideration given to you. A nod of thanks or a smile will achieve this even if you are trying to control your horse and are unable to take your hands off the reins.
􀀀 Remember, your horse may be fine in traffic but a ‘thank you’ to courteous drivers goes a long way to helping the next horse and rider they meet receive the same courtesy.
There is room for everyone provided a little courtesy
and consideration is shown for each other.
Check your horse insurance as some companies actually state if you haven't got hi-viz on your insurance is void if you have an accident on the roads. 
Remember this includes riding all through the year not just at dawn, dusk, night time.
Make it standard you wear your hi viz jacket and have some on your hat so drivers can see it over hedges before you are on their car bonnet. 

For further advice on accident prevention or to report an
equine incident go to

JUST A REMINDER! If you are involved in an incident on a road, The British horse Society are collating all incidents and have a special page on their website where you can report your incident. Remember, it makes sense to be insured for 3rd party in case you have an accident and if you become a gold member of BHS this provides the cover .