Jane Thorne

When Jane Thorne, a well known Preesall horse rider , was taken seriously ill in late Spring 2013 fellow members of Fylde Coast Bridleways Association completed a task which Jane had started, by replacing a difficult gate on the Bridleway between Preesall and Stalmine, with a horserider friendly gate and named it "Jane's Gate". Sadly, Jane passed away in September 2013 so the group decided to dedicate their next ride to Jane and donate the proceeds to Trinity Hospice. Over 50 horse riders from all over the North West took part in the 15 mile ride from the beach at Knott End to Pilling and over the bridleways of Pilling, Stalmine and Preesall passing through Jane's Gate twice. the £1074.50 raised was presented to the Trinity Hospice at Jane's and her best friend Anona's yard. "On behalf of Trinity Hospice we are extremely grateful for this generous contribution and it is very much needed " said Janet Atkins, Campaigns and Lottery Fundraiser at Trinity Hospice.