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On Sunday 6th December 2015, Bev Blundell and  Scooby (aged 6 ½, 17hh, aka Bobby’s Dazzler) braved the flooding and ventured to Myerscough Equine Arena to compete at dressage. This only being his third time out we were a little nervous as we began our first test, Intro A, in the main arena. Scooby thought that some of the letters looked quite scary but wasn’t fazed by the faces at the cafe window.

After a little rest and a good look at the other horses, Scooby seemed to be having a good time and it was time to begin our second test of the day, Intro B, in the annex arena. The letters looked ok in there, but he wasn’t so sure about the top of people’s heads as they walked in. Tests completed, back to the trailer for a snack as I waited with baited breath for our scores.

 The scores were in and I was delighted to receive 4th and  5th placings with some good comments for us to work on. He also received a 10/10 and a smiley face for turnout! Scooby did indeed look very smart and I was delighted with his performance, so much so, we are looking forward to going again in the New Year !

On Sunday 1st November 2015, Janet, Angela, Bev and Jill put on a disguise and went on the Halloween Ride with Ulnes Walton Bridleway Group.
It was a fantastic ride, well organised and the weather was kind to us : even the rain kept away. Due to the misty start to the day and all the fancy dress it was definitely more than a bit spooky! There were lots of riders and many of the them had clearly spent lots of time preparing their own and their horse's outfits. The route was great with lots of opportunities for cantering, although sometimes there was a build up and those of us with ASBO  horses, found it was a little challenging! On the return, it was clean up the ponies and up to the hut for some scrumptious hot food and a brew, and to collect the fab rosettes. Hope to see you all next year.

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