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The groups current arrangements are:

Open day & drop in for LGBT & chat on Tuesdays at CADAS, 52 Paradise St, Barrow in Furness, LA14 1JG. 'One to one' room available, if necessary (by appointment only arrangement) Concerns can be talked through by email arrangement for a meeting on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday also.






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friends and supporters

Next Night:
November 29th CADAS
52 Paradise St Barrow



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Who we are 

We formed on January 18th 2010, and were offered a base at Barrow Multicultural Centre.

Due to us growing as a group...
we moved in Feb 2012, we now occupy our own office a.k.a "Rainbow Room" at Cumbria Alcohol & Drug Advisory Centre.

Here we can offer :

Free & confidential support & advice.

1 to 1 sessions

Help with biphobic, homophobic, transphobic or indeed ANY hate crime.

Via CADAS you can make use of other facilities such as....

Acu Stimulation Therapy !

Community Training

Health & well being Project

Nutrition, Exersise, Sleep, Stress,
Hobbies/Interests, Personal Goal setting.

Tai Chi classes,
Healthy weight loss group,
Lifestyle support group,
Walking group.

Our aim is to enhance peoples lives by raising awareness of issues which affect the Lesbian Gay, Bisexual & Transgender community and other sexuality & Gender identities, fighting biphobia, homophobia, & transphobia.

At open days, conferences and workshops we promote LGBT lifestyle in a positive way, and help promote sexual health and mental health issues regard to the LGBT community.

Over the last few years the racist & homophobic British National Party have repeatedly tried to gain power in the Furness area. The LGBT community is particularly at risk from these extremists. In areas where BNP councillors have been elected homophobic attacks have increased!

We are not a political group, in the sense we don't adhere to any political party. We do however challenge homophobia at every level including political & religious figures.

The group is aimed towards the LGBT community in the Furness area, but is inclusive of anyone LGBT or our straight supporters, who would like to get involved and support us. Via the Facebook page we have members locally, nationally and internationally.

Please join & publicise our Facebook group. You can join simply to show solidarity with us in our fight against biphobia, homophobia, and transphobia.

Many Thanks Lee

Lee Wicks
Friends & Supporters of the Furness LGBT Community
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