Site Updates

 Website updates added in reverse chronological order


Literacy and Language>Vocabulary>added link to 101 Text Talk Lessons compiled by Utah Reading First teachers (great resource!)



  • Literacy and Language>Reader's Workshop>link to downloadable Forms, Resources and Graphic Organizers from "Teaching for Comprehending and Fluency" by Fountas & Pinnell
  • Literacy and Language>Making Words>added link to Word Sorts by Davis Elementary
  • Literacy and Language>added section on Fluency
  • Literacy and Language>Reader's Workshop>uploaded my revised Nonfiction Convention Notebook



  • Literacy and Language>Phonics>link to Open Court Sound Spelling Cards Mat and Open Court Key Word Charts



  • Literacy and Language>Readers Workshop>Parent School Letter>Determining Importance
  • Literacy and Language>Readers Workshop>link to "Yearlong RW Plans"
  • Literacy and Language>Readers Workshop>link to another Book list to model strategies
  • Literacy and Language>Readers Workshop>link to Strategy Stuff from Busy Teachers Cafe
  • Literacy and Language>Readers Workshop>link to Reading Curriculum Calendars from the Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project



  • Literacy and Language>Reader's Theatre Script>Snowmen at Night
  • Literacy and Language>Guided Reading>Non-fiction Retelling Framework
  • Literacy & Language>Reader's Workshop>LOTS vs. HOTS Comprehension Questions
  • Home>link to



  • Literacy and Language>Guided Reading>Fiction Retelling Framework
  • Literacy and Language> Guided Reading>Cut-Up Sentence Homework Directions


  • Homework Page>added January Homework Calendar



  • Parent Connections Page> Special Events Letters > added letter about Holiday Breakfast Class Party Letter



  • Math>Math Calendars>added Calendar Toppers for all months 



  • Home Page>added link to
  • Homework Page> added December Homework Calendar
  • Home Page>added link to classroom photos from this year
  • Literacy Page>Writers Workshop>added Monthly Journal Covers



  • Literacy Page>Phonological Awareness>P.A.S.T. Assessment, Task Cards, Directions
  • Literacy Page> Writing> 1st Quarter Writing Rubric
  • First Grade Homework Page > November Homework Calendar


  • Homework Page>Uploaded September Homework Calendar
  • Homework Page>Uploaded October Homework Calendar
  • Homework Page>Changed Link to Homework Calendar Template
  • Homework Page>Uploaded Nightly Reading Calendar Sheet from 



  • Re-added Schema/Making Connections Parent School Letter



  • Literacy & Language>Readers Workshop>Frank Serafini's Book Lists


  • Literacy Page > Center Signs > added link
  • Teacher Planning Page > My Lesson Plans > added link to 07-08 lesson plans
  • Home Page > added summer note


  • Class Book Page>Science Notebook Response Sheet
  • Literacy Page>Writer's Workshop>Books that Spark an Idea
  •                                                                  >Revising and Editing Symbols Checklist
  •                                                                  >My Personal Dictionary
  • Literacy Page>Reading Interventions>Strategies/Interventions for Struggling Readers
  •                                                                         >Appendix from Synchronizing Success
  • Literacy Page>Reading Assessment>Alternate Benchmark Assessment-Arkansas Model


  • Literacy and Language Page>Readers Workshop>added link to pdf Leveled Book Lists, organized by letter, from The School at Columbia University
  • Literacy and Language Page>Readers Workshop>added link to an article called Exploring Comprehension through Retelling
  • Homework Page>Home Reading>added 3 documents and one weblink: Home Reading Directions Page, Home Reading Givens, Home Reading Log Cover Sheet & link to Really Good Stuff where I get the Home Reading folders themselves.


  • Literacy & Language>Centers>added link to another of my  Listening Center Response Sheet: Book Report, fiction and non-fiction
  • Teacher Planning Page>added Directions: How to Make Chair Pockets
  • Teacher Planning Page>a lot of people ask for the pattern for the Heart Flag Quilt, thank you Lesa Haney from Texas for putting my pattern into digital form to share
  • Lesson Plans>many of you have asked if I would leave my lessons plans up, so because they take a lot of storage space, I am in the process of moving them to another server space at, but will be linked from the Teacher Planning page.



  • Literacy>Phonological Awareness>added link to Word Play Lesson Template
  • Literacy>Phonological Awareness Activity Cards
  • Literacy>Vocabulary>Text Talk lesson added from District U-46 : There is a TON of resources on the Curriculum Roadmap section of their website, I could spend hours, wait a minute, I have!
  • Literacy>Readers Theatre>added The Ghost Eye Tree and The Grasshopper and the Ants




  • Math Page>Games & Activities>added link to
  • Literacy & Language>Reader's Workshop>added link to Strategy downloads from Into the Book
  • Homework>June Homework Calendar
  • Science>Blackline masters for Foss Science Kits
  • Literacy & Language>Reading Assessment>DIBELS Intervention Electrified: links to online games and activities for Rhyme, Letter Recognition, Letter Sounds & Putting Words Together



- Math Page>CGI>Math Bucket Tools page added, along with more pictures and narrative about CGI.

-Math Page>created new section, Flashcards>added Mrs. Latino's Math Fact program.



  • Math>CGI>added a lot more resources for problem types, problem sets and problem resources.



  • Literacy & Language>Writer's Workshop>added Cover Letter for End of the Year Journal Writing



  • Literacy & Language>Text Talk Lessons>added Click Clack Moo by teacher visitor Deb Green from Ohio



  • I added several items last week for the Pebbles, Sand and Silt notebook, including covers for Living Organisms and Balance & Motion.



  • Class Books>Pebbles, Sand & Silt>response sheet for lesson 15: Homemade Soil
  • Home Page> link to > note about Summer Reading List



  • Homepage>link to Number Fluency Assessments>
  • Class Books>Pebbles, Sand and Silt>link to lesson 10 Rocks in Use Schoolyard Tour
  • Class Books> Pebbles, Sand and Silt> link to Notebook Response Sheet for Exploring Clay center



  • Class Books Page>Science Notebooks>added more pages for Pebbles, Sand and Silt
  • Assessment Page>added Science Assessment, a page I created to add as a cover sheet to the Science Notebooks before sending home
  • Home Page>Abbey's ABC Art Book Photo Link
  • Teacher Planning Page>Lessons>Week 33 & 34



  • Homework Page>added May Homework Calendar



  • Teaching Planning Page > Curriculum Maps > added April
  • Home Page > added note about new enrichment unit: Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco
  • Literacy & Language > Enrichment Units >added Chicken Sunday unit sheets
  • Literacy & Language > Writer's Workshop > Lucy Calkins > Sample Track Schedule



  • Literacy & Language>Writers Workshop>link to 131 mini lessons by J. Meacham
  • Literacy & Language>Writers Workshop>link to Writer's "To Do" Checklist
  • Literacy & Language>Writers Workshop>link to Mentor Texts for Writers Workshop
  • Assessment Page>Literacy>Writing Vocabulary Assessment
  • Assessment Page>Literacy>Blank Running Record Template
  • Home Page>new link to Aunty Math's Math Challenges
  • Parent Connections Page>Family Math>Family Challenge Sheet
  • Parent Connections Page>Family Math>link to Family Math Challenge website



  • Class Books Page>Solids & Liquids Notebook>added supplemental blackline for Lesson 2
  • Class Books Page>Solids & Liquids Notebook>added supplemental blackline for Lesson 4
  • Class Books Page>Solids & Liquids Notebook>added parent letter for magazine request
  • Home Page > 100 Ways to Praise Sheet (best used with Kagan Coop. Learning Structures)
  • Home Page > Science Notebook Sample from Solids and Liquids unit



  • Class Books Page>Covers & Pages>Ms. Whitt's Special Person Book Cover
  • Class Books Page>Covers & Pages>Special Person Paper
  • Literacy & Language>Reading Assessment>web link to the K-2 Literacy Assessment page for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
  • Literacy & Language>Reader's Workshop>added Reading Meeting Assessment



  • Science and Social Studies>Science Writing Prompts and Quick Writes
  • Class Books>Covers & Pages>Pebbles, Sand & Silt Science Notebook Cover
  • Class Books>Covers & Pages>Sylvester & The Magic Pebble Writing Paper
  • Homepage>Link to pdf of Games that help develop cognitive skills



  • Literacy & Language > Text Talk Lessons > added Move Over, Rover



  • Homework Page > added Other Monthly Homework Calendars links to Carnegie Library of  Pittsburgh science homework calendars & link to homework calendars at
  • Parent Connections Page > added links to other renditions of my newsletter template
  • Literacy & Language & Homepage > Phonics > Kelly's Open Court Resources link
  • Homepage > Permission to Reproduce note updated


  • Literacy & Language > Denver Public Schools > documents and links from their Curriculum and Instruction Department
  • Literacy & Language > new section: Phonological Awareness
  • Literacy & Language > Phonological Awareness > new link to
  • Changed page title from Weblinks to My Favorites
  • My Favorites > added links of classroom favorites and favorite websites including but not limited to,, and Spell with Flickr
  • Literacy & Language > Poetry Folders > added more poems
  • Teacher Planning > Lesson Plans > Note about Spring Break