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Family Math

I was searching around on the Internet this weekend for great ideas, like I always do and ran across Amy Swan's 3rd grade class.   She had a great idea for math enrichment at home.    She uses Aunty Math's Challenge of the week to have student's respond and react to the challenge problem.  I thought it was/is a great idea, so here is everything  you need to start it yourself.

Family Math Challenge Sheet or (pdf) thanks to Amy Swan for the great idea!

Math Challenge Website

Current Math Challenge

Past Math Challenges




I Know My Number

Counting by 2's or (pdf)

Number Words

Reading Behavior Homework and (pdf)

Monthly Homework Calendars on the Homework Page

Classroom Newsletters





I am not going to put my newsletter up on this website anymore, because I post it weekly to my school website,, under Parent Connections.   You can look there to see it. 



I must give kudos to a former co-worker and friend, Marisa Ramirez at P.K. Yonge, for the original creation of this newsletter.   If you like the format of the  newletter, you can click on the .doc template below.   Save it in your documents and insert your own text and clip art, change color and fonts.   To make a new one, I copy and paste it into a new document each week. 


Newletter Template (doc) 

Newsletter Template w/ Vocab  (doc)




Mathematics for Parents Newsletters

Click here to read  and learn more about our CGI math program. 


Back to School Letters

 Back to School Letter '04-'05

Welcome to First Grade '06

 Classroom Giving Tree Poster-at Back to School Night, I post this on the board with items written on  sticky notes, and ask parents to see if there is something they would be willing to donate to the class.    I also post a Teacher Wish List on my parent website, that way I can change and add wishes through the year.   

Classroom Supplies & Collections Letter  

Parent Volunteer Letter

Website Information Card cut to perfect square 

Meet Your Teacher Letter (doc)

Meet Your Teacher Letter (pdf)

Go Folder Title Page (pdf)

Student Contact Information Card (d0c)

 Student Contact Information Card (pdf)

Transportation Information Sheet

 Welcome Signs (doc)

Welcome Signs (pdf)

Home Reading Parent Directions (pdf)

Behavior Note



Special Events Letters

Holiday Breakfast Party Letter

Pumpkin Gook Helper Letter

Book Order Letter - Septemer '06

Book Fair Letter and (pdf)

Last Week of School Letter and (pdf)

Email Letter and (pdf)

October Supply Letter

100th Day Letter 

Candy Houses Letter

Class Book Exchange Letter

Family Math Night Flyer

Going Batty Party Letter

Word Work Parent Info Letter

Bunny Performance Invite

Family Heritage Festival Letter

Book Order Reminder

Fall Conference Sign Up Sheet






Home Projects


African American Project Letter

Take Home Reading Givens Letter

Trick or Treat Homework Letter



Letters about Schoolwork

Daily Schedule

 Handwriting Letter

1st Grade Connections - WCPSS

Lightning Words Assessment

Handwriting Letter