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Here are the Problem Types for Addition and Subtraction, with example problems:


Join Problems

(Result Unknown)

Sally has 4 rocks.

John gave her 6 more

rocks. How many

rocks does Sally have



(Change Unknown)

Sally had 4 rocks.

How many rocks does

she need to have 10

rocks altogether?


(Start Unknown)

Sally had some rocks.

John gave her 6 more

rocks. Now she has

10 rocks. How many

rocks did Sally have

to start with?


Separate Problems

(Result Unknown)

Sally had 10 rocks.

She gave 4 to John.

How many rocks does

Sally have left?


(Change Unknown)

Sally had 10 rocks.

She gave some to

John. Now she has 6

rocks left. How many

rocks did Sally give to



(Start Unknown)

Sally had some rocks.

She gave 4 to John.

Now she has 6 rocks

left. How many rocks

did Sally have to start





(Whole Unknown)

Sally has 4 red rocks

and 6 blue rocks.

How many rocks does

she have?


(Part Unknown)

Sally has 10 rocks. 4

are red and the rest

are blue. How many

blue rocks does Sally



Compare Problems

(Difference Unknown)

Sally has 10 rocks.

John has 6 rocks.

How man more rocks

does Sally have than



(Quantity Unknown)

John has 6 rocks.

Sally has 4 more than

John. How many

rocks does Sally




Sally has 10 rocks.

She has 6 more rocks

than John. How many

rocks does John



Note - Many students will solve subtraction problems by thinking of the related

addition fact. For example to solve the fact 10 – 4 =

the student thinks 4 +

= 10. Piaget wrote that this is what always happens in our brain but that over

time we can become so adept at it that it happens on an unconscious level. So

even though these activities are listed as subtraction activities do not be

surprised if the students figure out the answers using addition.





Kyrene School District Problem Solving Page

My Math Journal Cover Labels (pdf) use Avery 6878

Problem Solving Strategies like this vs. strategies used in CGI.  You will not find a list like this in CGI. CGI is different because instead of giving strategies to students, students give strategies to each other, there is no set list of strategies, and CGI is not about students learning or using one strategy over another, it's about students using their own unique strategies and sharing thier strategy out loud so other student might use it tomorrow. 


CGI Math Code of Cooperation (Rubric)

Click here to view the book, CGI Math Instruction - written 1st, read 1st

 Click here to view the book, Thinking Mathematically - written 2nd, read 2nd

Math Curriculum Maps on Teacher Planning Page

Math Vocabulary Word Bank - taped to inside cover of CGI Journal


Our Math Buckets we use during CGI:  There is no set rule about what should go into the buckets, in our CGI Workshop, our table brainstormed possibilities of what could go in there, but they are endless because you never know what kids will need or use to solve a problem.

Math Bucket Tools  After teaching children the proper name of the math tools in the bucket, I laminate this sheet and keep a few in each bucket as they will refer to use correct spelling of tools when explaining their strategies in writing in their CGI Math Notebook. 



On CGI Math days, after I have written the problem, I print 6-8 problems per page and make 4 copies.   I cut them and pass them out after we discuss the problem in our CGI mini-lesson, and the students paste them into the top (date at the very top) of the notebooks.  



I have 4 math buckets because I have 4 hexagon table groups.   The six notebooks for each child at that table are stacked on top of the buckets for storage.   The math buckets are stored in the math supply area when we aren't using them.    After our CGI mini-lesson, the math bucket captain is in charge of leaving the mini-lesson early to get the bucket for the group, distribute the notebooks and take the lid off.  


One of the main components of CGI is the strategy sharing at the end of each lesson.   Students share with the class the strategy they used and how they solved the problem by explaining it to their classmates.   Students must be able to verbalize what they did, what helped them, and how they counted.   The audience can ask questions to better understand their strategy.  I also encourage the share-er to give credit and thanks to the person that first shared the strategy, that they tried and are now using.    I use a karaoke machine for Author's Spotlight in Writer's Workshop, and it worked out for this time of day, too - everyone can hear much better.



 I have a CGI Spotlight poster in the hallway outside our classroom door to highlight students that take risks during CGI, tried a new strategy, showed at least two strategies or did some efficient counting.    I like kids to know that their hard work is being noticed and appreciated.





CGI Math Problems

Aug.29 - Join Result Unknown

August 30 - Join Result Unknown

Week 3, Problem 1 - Join Result Unknown

Week 3, Problem 2 - Join Result Unknown

Week 4, 2 Problems - Join Result Unknown


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