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Ladybugs Photo Gallery


While searching for examples of captions online, I stumbled across a great visual resource on the Stenhouse website (the publisher of many of my favorite literacy books) for the book called Ladybugs, Tornadoes and Swirling Galaxies by Brad Buhrow and Anne Upczak Garcia.   Check out these pictures of student examples from their classrooms in this online photo gallery.


Ladybugs Photo Gallery 




Discovery Education Clipart


New Cool Site



Another great choice for "Listening to Reading."  E-books for e-kids is their slogan offering hundreds of animated titles of children's books to listen and follow along with on the computer.   Similiar to www.storylineonline.com , the website lets children read and reread familiar titles over and over again.  This website is an increbible buy for a site to purchase.   They offer a free month trial for an entire site, so perhaps you could speak to your Media Tech or Technology Coordinator to try the free trial for your site for the month.    We now have a year subscription, and they kids LOVE it as much as, if not more than Starfall.  Check it out at:


Elkonin Boxes Templates

Click here, then scroll down for ready made templates and pictures with elkonin boxes.  There are four sheets already made, and more you can make on your own.   

Ornament Directions

I have received several emails in the last couple days about the painted ornaments....

The ornaments are VERY easy.   You need a class set of clear glass balls, on sale at Michael's right now, (save plastic holders that they come in) most years the room parent will pay or pay part.   The acryllic paint in bottles works best.   Combining only 2 colors (more than that and it all turns muddy brown or gray), ask students which two colors they want and then pour, for example, a bit of yellow in the 12:00 and 6:00 opening of the inside of the ball, then pink into the 3:00 and 9:00 opening of the inside.  Tell them to hold the balls and gently turn them up and around (not upside down) to swirl paint around and together inside the ball.   Let them sit in plastic tray overnight, drain excess paint completely before wrapping them up.  (I've never had a child break them in the making process).

More "Listening to Reading"

Differentiated Instruction


WorksheetWorks.com via kwout

I found this new website last week when seaching the internet for something, and normally I preach that I am not a worksheet teacher, but this website allows you to create differentiated worksheets based on ability for the same skill - which I love.  Check it out!

Math Games & Activities


Mathwire.com | Math Standards via kwout

Fullscreen Timer


If you're a teacher that uses an LCD projector in your classroom, and use an overhead countdown timer, this is the same thing, and free.  Try it, it's easy.  Great for presentations and workshops!

Science Writing Resources

Found this on the Internet today - we don't use GEMS science kits, but the topics are very similiar to FOSS and Carolina Science. 

Science Prompts and Quick Writes

Open Court Resources

Phonics Site

Fun with Letters was voted the 3rd best phonics website on the Internet by the Int. Reading Assoc.   Check it out.    Or, click here to read IRA article about phonics websites.


Fun with Letters via kwout

Spell with Flickr

        Make any words using fun letters at Spell with Flickr

hBead Letter ELLO

  Scholastic's New Leveling Site

I recently emailed the customer service department at Scholastic out of frustration because I could not find the levels of many of their own books listed on thier book orders, and I was happy to find out they have a new link just for teachers who are looking for book levels.  It's easy to use and can be found here:

Scholastic's Book Wizard

Scholastic Book Wizard Audio Tour

Read-Alouds Online

I stumbled across this one tonight while searching for an activity to go with A Bad Case of Stripes.   It's at:


It takes a minute or two to load, but it's streaming video of SAG actors reading children's literature.  There are great downloadable pdf activity guide to go with each story.    Check it out!

Permission to Reproduce-updated

I have absolutely no problem with you downloading, using and reproducing documents I have created and published on my website for use in your classroom.  If you have a website, and use a document, link to a document or use it to get ideas to create your own document,  give credit to the creator of the document and the site of the original source.  If you, however, "copy" or "borrow" a document created by someone else, and call it your own, that's plagiarism.

Snippets Poems

Posted 11.1.07 - As we begin the strategy instruction for Visualizing and follow the Debbie Miller book, she refers to the poems from Charlotte Zolotow's book, Snippets, but the book is out of print.   I wrote to Charlotte last year and her granddaughter wrote me back and told me how to get a copy of it.    However, I have re-typed the four poems here that Debbie uses with her class.    The link in on the Literacy page or you can click here.

Free Products from Vista Print

Click here to view the free products I just ordered from Vista Print.  There are usually 5-6 free products each month, all you pay is shipping.   It's a great deal and they are professional.


 You, too, can convert any document to a pdf yourself, free, without buying an adobe writer program.  If you don't mind a 5 second ad, that's all there is to it.   Free to download at pdf995.  You need to download both the free pdf995 Printer Driver and the free Converter, takes about 2 minutes.  Have fun pdf-ing away!


Speaking of fonts, if you like the fonts I use, you can purchase or find them on the Internet.    Here are some links to fonts:

Creative Lettering Combo CD

Lettering Delights

Provo Craft Hug Club

DJ Inkers

Free Thematic Fonts - (click through the ads)

Free Fonts for Kids

Font Freak website

Cool Text Fonts

Free Fonts at www.dafont.com

Clip Art

Most of the clipart used on my site is from www.pccrafter.com.   They do have freebies, including the cute bugs at the top of this page, so check it out and grab some of this Lollie and Friends clipart for yourself, or join the clipart club and download tons of cute stuff for about $5.00 a month.