"Those who wish to study Aikido must first study its spirits; if ones heart is not true the Way will never be attained."

- Ueshiba Morihei, Founder

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Aikido at Fudoshin Dojo is taught by a group of instructors who practise Aikikai Aikido under the technical supervision of Jun Yamada shihan (7th Dan). The group comprise of TJ Su (5th dan), Bernard Lawrence (4th dan), David Yap (5th dan), Jerry Ling (4th dan), Francis Choong (4th dan), Edmond Ho (3rd dan), Ignatius Ho (2nd dan) and Phoon Yaut Sang (1st dan). The instructors continue to train under Jun Yamada shihan (7th dan).

Fudoshin instructors have trained extensively under many shihans in Malaysia, Japan and other countries and constantly strive to improve their aikido skills by attending seminars in Malaysia and overseas. The instructors also practice other martial arts to round up their aikido training.

Since its startup in June 2007, the dojo has hosted Aikikai aikido seminars by Jun Yamada shihan (7th Dan), Atsushi Mimuro sensei (7th Dan) from Yokohama International Aikido Club, Nabuo Takase shihan (7th Dan) from Auckland, New Zealand, Tetsutaka Sugawara shihan (7th Dan) from Tokyo and Imanul Hakim sensei (6th Dan) from Jakarta.

Beside Aikikai, the dojo has also hosted Joe Thambu shihan (Yoshinkan 8th Dan) from Melbourne, Australia.