Sampson Marina Usage

                   Sampson Marina Usage

Sampson is much more than a local park it is an important tourist destination in the
Finger Lakes Region

Sampson State Park is the largest park in OPRHP Finger Lakes Region and

The campground boasts the highest attendance in the Finger Lakes Region and
#8 of all campgrounds statewide!

Analysis of Sampson records indicate:
Transient Marina users travel  from: 

    Marina Transients - 2009 + 2013
        ·   39 NY counties 
·   17  PA counties

  •  PLUS 11 states and Canada  
(NJ, OH, M D, CT, MA, NH, FL, IN, IL, GA, CO) 

average 3 nights and travel more than 100 miles from home     



 Marina  Seasonal - 2013    

  • 8 Counties of NY 
  • 7 E -NE PA counties