Pennyrile Forest Outdoor Adventure & Field School

 Welcome to the First Season of the Pennyrile Forest Outdoor Adventure & Field School.
     The partnership between Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park, Pennyrile State Forest, and Friends of Pennyrile may be in its infancy, but we still strive to create an outdoor adventure & field school that will not only enhance participants enjoyment, and understanding of nature, but also strengthen their knowledge of the Pennyrile Forest region. 

    This outdoor adventure and field school has been created in the hopes of introducing people to one of the best kept secrets in Kentucky, the Pennyrile Forest region. We also strive to not only educate about nature, but excite participants about the outdoors.  We hope to create a school that brings not only education, but also adventure to everyone who participates in our programs.

Rebecca E. Clark, Naturalist

Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park



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Charlie Beshears,
Jan 8, 2009, 7:04 AM