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Freestate Flying Club, College Park, MD

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N9334H (see us on 1976 CESSNA 172M
  • Upgraded 160 HP engine with Powerflow Tuned Exhaust
  • True 119KTAS performance, 700+ fpm climbs with full fuel & 600lb payload!
  • near 0-SMOH (Freshly Overhauled!), 6300+ TTAF
Full WAAS Capable IFR Avionics:
  • Garmin GNS 530W Nav/Com for LPV approaches!
  • STEC-20 Single-Axis Autopilot
  • KING KX-155 Nav/Com with GS
  • Wet vacuum pump (increased reliability)
  • Standby vacuum system (Precise Flight)
Additional Aircraft Enhancements:
  • ElectroAir electronic ignition
  • EI SR-8A Engine Analyzer: safely lean for 6-8gph cruise
  • FS-400 Fuel Flowmeter: safely fly to legal limits of 38 gal tanks
  • Garmin Aera GPS with an XM-satellite weather subscription for in-flight weather and radar
  • PS PMA6000MC Audio Panel
  • Fiberlite instrument lighting
  • 1/15 (re-saleable) share of the Airplane for under $2500. 
  • Hourly wet-rates based on Tach (not Hobbs). Varies by prevailing fuel price.
  • Monthly Dues
  • Excellent Availability - Optimized for Multi-Day XC
  • Online scheduling

For more information please call:
      John LeNard 301-445-2261
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