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Parkour Instructor Feedback

posted 28 Nov 2019, 02:24 by SeTs TEAM   [ updated 22 Feb 2020, 11:21 ]

Feedback from experienced instructor given for parkour session planning and training

" Hi! I now finally read all that, started this morning. I hate to say (now this late) that I dont know what to say about this to enhance it, it seems so profound, widely wise...= excellent. ;D Including the social awareness, empathy, consideration, respect, inspiration. 

What kind of stuff would u expect/wish me to say as an feedback? Would u have some specific questions? 

One thing could be, included eg. in the fluency part, that "do they move silently?" As that's maybe the best sign of softness, control, non-harmful for the body and environment". 

Unto Ikkala (28.11.2019),
Parkour Instructor since 2006
Suomen Parkour Ry (SPY)

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