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Street Art Programmes

Street Arts are not limited to dancing. Today, many traditional arts such as Ballet and Gymnastics that have become rather stuffy and stuck in the mud. Theyare being or have already been overtaken by street versions that are every bit as stylish and evolved. In many ways they have become far more advanced and demanding, mentally and athletically than the more classical arts.

Today, the best known street arts are Parkour, and street-dancing such as Hip Hop and Break-dancing. Grafiiti is also a form of street art, though not quite so athletic or useful for our purposes. However, it is equally valid to include in this list activities such as self-defense training. There are many traditional styles of martial art embedded in and derived from local culture. Some however, are somewhat more pragmatic and in tune with modern society, placing modern streetwise self-defense at heart of the system rather than stylistic designs and prejudices. One such art is Lii-Kan Jitsu from which, much of our repertoire is derived. 

Specialised training programmes are available, however, SeTs greatest strengths lay in the ability to create hybrid programmes based on a fusion of the various street arts, interweaving them in a uniquely synergistic and collaborative way. It is the ability to coach and cross-train with these combined programmes that provides the greatest added-value compared to ordinary training programmes and classes

Meetups, classes and clubs currently runniing can be found in our calendar under the Upcoming Events link in the navigation menu.

Budolop & Parkour-Jitsu

Training includes self-defense, pure Parkour and some basic break-dancing moves to improve mobility on and across the ground and obstacles. This mix of 'Functional Fitness' training greatly aids body control, and self-confidence whilst, learning about situation, risk and fear management. Many Parkour and break-dancing movements can also be translated/modified almost directly into self-defense techniques or tactical situation management. You can find more information about these street arts and their relationship to self-defense on our Lii-Kan Jitsu website under the heading 'Side Arts'.

Self-defense is...

Budolop differs from the Parkour-Jitsu concept in that the programme emphasises the Parkour more to accomodate younger children in the 9 to 12 years age range. 

Parkour-Jitsu is not just about fighting or combat techniques, and, we are certainly not a 'combat sports' club. Our programmes include practical psychology, conflict intervention and management, social skills (e.g. people & collaboration skills), and the Three R's of self-defense, Roles Responsibilities and Risk awareness. It is very much an alround physical, mental and spiritual (courage & confidence etc.) activity.

Unlike most other sports activities, especially combat sports, these skills and virtues are not left to chance within the training process, but, deliberately, and 

specifically taught nd practised as part of the essential 'Skill SeTs' of self-defense, personal security and risk management. The three levels of training classically referred to as Body, Mind & Spirit, translate into more practical physical, mind and people skills.

We practice in relatively small groups of 10-15 students in which we encourage playful and experimental Mind SeTs with the enthusiasm and courage to learn and test new skills. In the process we effectively and effciently develop our physical health, Fitness, Attributes and Strength Training capabilities and attitudes, which we refer to as FAST SeTs.

Generally speaking we can say that we learn and practice, 'Life Skills for Life'.