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Security Skills & Job Fitness Coaching

Practical Sports Experience

  • Ju JutsuKyusho (nerve points), Kali/Escrima, Katori (Traditional Japanese Weapons), and then some...
  • A highly varied and multi-faceted activity requiring the fullest range of abilities: physically, mentally and spiritually. E.g. the training includes meditation with a deep knowledge of breathing & energy development techniques known as Chi Kung. Although our training utilizes friendly competition for learning & skill development, unlike 'combat sports' and other sports/games played for the fun of competition, self-defense is not a sport, but a science and art for learning 'Life Skills for Life.'
  • Training since 1982, teaching since 1987 (5 clubs). For more info, see Lii-Kan Jitsu Ry
  • A climbing and obstacle course activity perfect for to 'Set your Monkey Mind Free.'
  • The primary objective is the flow and efficiency of movement over or around obstacles encountered in our everyday environment. As such, it is an ideal companion hobby to the martial arts for a very Dynamic Physical Education
  • Most of the gymnastic tricks are just for fun and show (being superfluous and high-risk endeavors), and hence classified as a separate style/sport called 'Free Running.'  However, by its very nature and culture (Mind State), Parkour is a truly Borderless Learning experience that overlaps with Breaking (Break-dancing) as much as gymnastics.
Racket Ball Sports
  • Tennis & Squash
  • Great for general mobility and hand-eye coordination as well as entertaining spectator sports.

Other occasional activities & previous experience
Breaking (break-dancing), swimming, cycling, football, rugby, cricket, table tennis, badminton, canoeing, archery, horse-riding, etc. 

Training Methods
Kick-boxercise & skills resistance training, Calisthenics (Body-weight) & body (structural) resistance training, cycling, hill running, water-resistance training, weight training, elastic resistance bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, heavy skittles & rauttakankki, sleds, ropes, power rings & TRX, etc.

Training Styles
Systemic (aerobic & fat burning) & muscular endurance training, strength training, circuit training, mobility & agility training, plyometrics & power running, etc. 

Through a comprehensive technical, dynamic and interactive approach to coaching that draws on all this broad spectrum of experience, your training is effective, efficient and,  'experiential by design'. 

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