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Proper Nutrition is as essential to effective sports, physical fitness and strength training as it is to weight-loss.
No PT site would be complete without a mention of it, or some support resources. 

You should realize, that going on a diet is not the same thing as healthy eating as part of your life-style. Diets may work in the short-term but, tend to end sooner rather than later and then rebound on you unless you can adopt healthier eating habits suited to your life-style. At the bottom of this page, you will find some useful links to official and properly researched and accepted nutrition information, and a couple to a more passionate, if not partisan source, but none the less trusted. 

Immediately below are a couple of good and trusted resources for nutritional supplements and practical information about the proper preparation of food to retain the greatest nutritional value. Plus a free meal into the bargain. I.e. Added-value without overeating!

Quality supplements

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