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Fitness Programmes

In addition to personalised training gprogrmmes, SeTs also designs and coaches concept based progrtammes for small groups of approximately 2 to 12 people. Several programmes are currently under development and/or review, and still to be notified.

Currently available training groups can be found on our calendar under the 'Upcoming Events' link.

Fighting Fit

Fighting Fit is.. your path to a more secure & healthier life. 

Whole Body Interval Training based on Kick-boxercise

A guided prgramme of functional fitness & strength training in the context of both self-defense training and professional exercise methods to get the best of both worlds. The training  programme includes  circuit & interval training spiced with a variety of real & practical self-defense skills and exercises for greater efficiency & effectiveness in both self-defense and fitness conditioning. 

The self-defense aspects of the fitness training are derived from the Lii-Kan JItsu system. These training exercises are based on practical and realistic skills and thereby also educational to facilitate experiential learning, by design.