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Training On-Line (ToL)

PersonWorking Out  Doors!al Trainer and Coaching services are available on-site if reasonably local, or otherwise on-line via our Training On-Line (ToL) website. 

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Authorised Personal Trainer

An Authorised Personal Trainer (APT) for all your fitness, attributes, and strength training needs.
Authorised Personal Trainer (APT)

Fitness, Attribute, and Strength Training (FAST) is important for a variety of reasons, ranging from general health and fitness to fitness for a specific purpose such as work or a specific sports activity/hobby. Weight-loss and general health and fitness have their own requirements focused more on aerobic endurance training in order to burn fat and at higher training intensity levels, carbohydrates. Some people even enjoy fitness and strength training for its own sake.

To borrow an old electrical engineering saying:

It's the "volts that jolt, but the mills that kill"

In other words, it's not so much the volume that counts, but the efficiency and intensity of the training.

Don't Hang About, Come Hang Out with us - whilst you still got hair! ;-)
In addition to some core FAST exercises, the program must use style-specific, dynamic, and compound exercises as much as possible in order to support and augment the normal skills training and activities. Even the core exercises must be relevant and ideally based on actual need lest they de-train the skills and techniques required. Creativity and improvisation are always important for a good, adaptive, and interesting training program. An important part of this is producing relevant and functional themes to focus our minds as much as the physical training. Yet, in order to maintain consistency through focus and motivation, it is important to augment the training with a technical and social interactive approach to personal training that often makes a friend out of us as much as a coach and mentor. You will never feel alone when training with us.

FAST Indoors, SAFE Outdoors
We have a strong background and years of high-level experience in racket-ball sports such as Tennis and Squash, Martial Arts/Self-defense (qualified instructor since 1987, Lii-Kan Jitsu), and more recently as Parkour (qualified instructor, SPY) and even a student of Break-dancing in our spare time. Movement, mobility, and agility (physically & mentally) are fundamental to these sports and activities, creating a cross-fertilization of ideas and skills for a unique blend of functional cross-training that can support almost any other activity. SeTs Personal Trainer's greatest strengths lay in this Functional Fitness training and programming capability. 

Sound in Body, Sound in Mind

Small Group Training / Outdoors
Our FAST programs are as versatile as they are functional, making them easily customizable to your needs. We believe in the saying that 'Sound in Body, Sound in Mind', a highly appropriate motto for anyone in their right mind ;). And in that respect, consistent with sports science research, we can also say from experience that 'Age is but a number'.  With that in mind, we borrowed and adapted our slogan from an old European game show called, 'It's a Knock Out'.

Training without Frontiers,
Collaboration without Tears.
It's a Mind SeT!

As an independent Personal Trainer, you can currently find us working at arranged locations or via our on-line training platform, indoors or outdoors, weather and diseases permitting. 

Put your body and mind in motion.