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Chris Spencer

Chris is a friendly and open-minded higher-education and training services professional with a wide spectrum of professional and self-defence teaching, security, conflict intervention and risk management, and, process and project management experience.  Education and qualifications include a B.A. honours degree in Business Studies majoring in Financial Modelling, an M.Sc. degree in Security and Risk Management, a Vocational Teacher qualification for adult and higher education, a Certified Protection Officer (IFPO) qualification, T.E.F.L. (English teaching) certification, and a number of other minor certifications with extensive workplace training courses ranging from Instructional Design to AML and Fraud Risk Management.

As 'An Englishman in Helsinki, balded but unbowed,' with a Finnish wife and Finglish children, he can offer a truly international cultural outlook and new perspectives on many subjects. 

  • Qualified Vocation Teacher for Higher-Education ;
  • Qualified Self-defense instructor (1987) ;
  • Qualified VOK! Parkour Instructor (SPY) ;
  • Certified English Language Teacher (TEFL) ;
  • M.Sc. Security & Risk Management ;
  • Certified Protection Officer (IFPO) ;
  • Järjestyksenvalvoja (2001-2015)
  • Vartija/Kaupan Vahtinmestari (2008-2014)


Teaching and Training

Chris is a qualified (HAMK) higher-education vocational teacher with experience as a lecturer in higher education and as an English teacher. This is supplemented by over 30 (since 1987) years as a self-defense and martial arts instructor, having founded, managed and taught five clubs in that time. Two in the UK and three in Finland. Previous hobbies included football (of course!), Tennis and in particular Squash to a high competition standard. In more recent years, in an effort to keep up with two young sons, he has taken up Parkour and even the basics of Break-dancing, but without all the 'Breaking' and getting broken ;-)

Security and Risk Management

Security qualifications include an M.Sc. in Security and Risk Management supported by a B.A. honours degree in Business Studies (+Financial Modelling) and certification as a Certified Protection Officer (C.P.O.) with the I.F.P.O. The training is complemented by both qualifications and practical work experience as a security supervisor and guard in Finnish) in the retail sector. He has also been training in the martial arts since 1983, teaching since 1987. This includes the establishment of his own personal security, conflict intervention and management school and the development of the Assault Awareness and Risk Management (A.A.R.M.) courses designed for the general public, but equally suitable as a grounding for security professionals.

Project Coordination and Management

Other supporting work experience includes substantial experience in IT software development project management, which is useful for initiating, managing and leading projects, process development and general planning in any arena. 

Current projects include the site-building of an On-Line Learning system based on the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). Drupal is an open source CMS with many ready-made distributions (Frameworks) that can be used as a base for all sorts of websites and systems. Other Learning Management System (LMS) experience includes: Opigno; Moodle; Sakai; Efront; and, Optima.
Cross-disciplinary skills and expertise

Teaching, security management and criminology are by definition, multi-disciplinary studies. This broad work experience and extensive education and training provide a useful cross-fertilization of skills and knowledge with many insights that cannot be gained from expertise in any one discipline alone. Cross-disciplinary study has both horizontal and vertical dimensions for which, the ability to link and present the various skills and disciplines within a coherent framework guided by consistent principles and concepts at all levels of application, no matter the context, is an invaluable skill that enhances non-linear (out of the box) diagnostic, reflective and critical thinking. The training provides benefits far beyond the traditional borders of basic physical security provision, such as staff morale and effectiveness (i.e. savings in operating costs and labour turnover), customer satisfaction and third-party security / public relations, where customers and other associates or affected persons are concerned. 

Backed by a philosophy of continuous learning, research and development, this holistic approach allows us to ease and speed your learning with accelerated learning programmes tailored to your needs..
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