Authorised & Independent Personal Trainer

posted 11 Aug 2020, 05:12 by SeTs ry TEAM   [ updated 13 Aug 2020, 02:28 ]
Our teaching staff are now Authorised Personal Trainers independent from any specific Fitness chain. We have already agreed a cooperative contract with Easyfit Pitäjänmäki gym to provide PT services for them whilst also providing SeTs ry with a suitable homebase for our own independent programmes and customers. More about the Easyfit arrangements in the near future.

We have also attained a couple of other gyms for use as training centers spread out along the Mannerheimtie and Vihdintie road corridor from Helsinki to Vantaa. Others may come into use at a later date depending on demand and feasibility.

Service locations, products and other information will be published on this site in the very near future.