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Sporttia Group Coaching

posted 4 Jan 2020, 03:52 by SeTs TEAM

As from October 2019, SeTs started working as  Group Coach for Sporttia Kaikille ry.

Sporttia organises general sports activities for school groups and more specialist afternoon clubs, free for local youth in the Vantaa area. 

Current projects we are involved in include school general activity groups, Parkour, self-defence and football clubs/groups for local youth. 

No News!

posted 4 Jan 2020, 03:45 by SeTs TEAM   [ updated 12 Jan 2020, 05:07 ]

Some times, no news is good news ;)

Parkour Instructor (VOK1)

posted 4 Jan 2020, 03:19 by SeTs TEAM

SeTs has just completed in December 2019, a Parkour Instructor course with the Suomen Parkour ry. The qualification is for group coaching of Parkour at the VOK 1 level.

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