Lii-Kan Jitsu System

From Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu to Lii-Kan Jitsu
What is Lii-kan Jitsu?
  1. From Kung Fu & Ju Jutsu to Shorinjitsu & Kyusho (Kung Fu - Jiu Jitsu)
  2. From Break-Falling to Break-Dancing & Parkour (Mobility & Fitness)
  3. From Chi Kung to NLP, sports & applied psychology (Mind Skills)
  4. From Self-defense to security & risk management (Practical Application)
All integrated into a more natural and flowing style of self-defense, with effective and realistic training in a modern style and school for modern-day society.
As all the well-informed know, good martial arts is not a sport or just another hobby but, 'Life Skills For Life'. Lii-kan Jitsu is not a combat sport nor, a common quick-fix, half-baked partial art, but, a true Martial Art, both, in keeping with the genuine, original and true spirit of martial arts and 'ways of war'. Yet, it is constantly developed, refined technically, further moderated by modern pedagogy, professional security methods, tools and knowledge systems in order to remain up-to-date and consistent with real-life today.
It's all in the name: Lii-Kan Jitsu
The name Liikan or, Lii-Kan for our Finnish audience comes from the names of two of the eight I Ching (Book of Changes) symbols that also represent two of the five elemental energies known as Fire and Water. Coincidentally, these same two symbols/names are also used to represent two of the ‘Three Wu Li Dancing Masters’, in Chinese mythology. These representations refer to the oneness, and origin of all things, where Lii and Kan are derivatives and the first manifestation of the Yin-Yang principle in the ancient cosmological evolution theory.
Who are we?...
We are a group of friendly and open-minded people from a wide spectrum of ages and cultural backgrounds, who train together in a spirit of mutual friendship, support and co-operation to develop our skills and ability to avoid, prevent and manage conflicts, but if and when necessary, defend ourselves, our families and friends.
What we practice is not a sport, even though friendly competition is an essential part of the training process. Nor is it about gratuitous violence and aggression. It is about having fun and keeping fit and healthy in the process of self-defense training. We believe in 'Peace and Compassion through Strength and Understanding'.
Our instructors are experts who have been providing qualified instruction since 1987 having founded 5 clubs to date, two in England and three in Finland. Qualifications include Vocational Teacher for Higher-Education, M.Sc. Security and Risk Management, Certified Protection Officer (C.P.O.), NLP/MP, 3rd.dan black belt and more than a decade of work experience as a security officer (doorman/bouncer, security screening, shop/store guard and detective). More information from our club homepages or the SeTs Freelancer homepage.
​The Liikan Jitsu Club ry currently trains twice per week supplemented by various extra training and club events on a regular basis, ranging from Kyusho workshops to side arts and activities such as Parkour, Break-Dancing, and other occasional special activities, outdoor summer training camps, and social events. We have a grading system based on programmes adapted for the needs of different age and ability groups in order to provide motivational support and more summary feedback of progress and a students readiness to embark on their next phase of the training programme.
The originator of Liikan Jitsu has dedicated much of his waking and, occasionally, unconscious (sleeping) life to collating and documenting the Shorinjitsu system and collecting, integrating and developing new knowledge to create an eclectic body of knowledge we now call Lii-Kan Jitsu. Every school and system, however, expands, contracts and lives only in the people that practice it. It is hoped that through this extensive work and, a Learning On-Line system currently under development, that this knowledge and all its benefits may be consistently and reliably passed down to successive generations, whilst always remaining current and relevant to the needs of the day.
We hope you will join us in this effort and make your own contributions to this 'Life Long - Skills for Life' and personal development project.