Personal Security Training

Professional self-defence and personal security management training for those who want personalized coaching tailored to their needs, without the restriction of attending and conforming to a regular self-defence training club or classical training system.

Training can be geared to general self-defence or to personal security management in specific situations such as an upcoming business trip or event in which training content and application needs to be 'localised' through research and study of the local environment in which the client will be operating.

Basic training may be conducted in a purpose-built training environment or include outdoors and situational on-site training as required or facilities are available. Kyusho (vital point) training is restricted to private indoor training facilities for security and safety purposes.

All of the programmes listed below are based on a deep knowledge of martial arts training, both in terms of combative techniques, health and fitness training. In particular, the training draws on the style of Lii-Kan Jitsu, currently practised at the Liikan Jitsu Club ry. For effective and realistic training in a modern school for modern day society, Lii-Kan Jitsu is hard to beat.

Programmable options:

  1. Protective Physical Education classes with no gradings (exams). Just self-defence training in a regular keep-fit club type of format.

    • Dynamic Physical Education Classes
Dynamic Physical Education (D.P.E.) are Specialist P.E. classes with a focus on self-defence combined with mobility training in the form of some basic Break-Dancing, pure Parkour and more. They can be simple education sessions or, regular afternoon classes.

For younger school kids we provide session and classes based on our 'Budolop' concept, originally devised as an amalgmation of Budo training and the highly popular 'Hop-Lop' centers.
      • Skills Circuit Training 
    Fitness circuit training based on a broad spectrum  of martial skills training exercises. Classes may be arranged for a both striking and grapling aspects and, unarmed or armed techniques and skills.
      • Boxercise/Kick-boxercise 
    Aerobic training based on striking techniques using bags, pads, balls and your own cooperative crash test dummies (classmates ;-).
    1. Tailored self-defence and personal security management training.

      1. Women's self-preservation classes or, general training based on the A.A.R.M. courses but, with more physical techniques and skills content. 

      2. Educational classes and seminars for schools and other interest groups seeking further skills and information about self-defence, personal security and the martial arts in general. Classes may be tailored as part of a broader Life Skills programme as required.

    Classes and programmes can be developed to suit different student levels of fitness and capability, though most exercises are already self-regulating. An integrated programme can also be devised. 

    Key Benefits

    • Realistic and effective training in a modern school for modern day society.
    • A very broad range of skills to promote stability and flexibility in response capability. I.e. Options!
    • Expert group or private tuition for more effective and efficient learning.
    • Training tailored to your needs and schedules.
    • On-going training or defined courses with no gradings or other paraphernalia, unless requested.