Introduction Questions

Questions may be compulsory or optional depending on the nature of the enquiry. 
  • Questions in the left column are generally considered compulsory. 
  • Questions in the right column are optional or compulsory depending on the enquiry/context, but nearly always pertinent if you want to save time and hassle.

Compulsory Questions

Contact details?
  • Location
  • Email
  • Phone (mobile)
Which service, activity or programme are you interested in?

What are your aims & objectives?
  • For this session?
  • For the future?

Pertinent Questions

What is your work or work/life-style?
  • Profession, 
  • Working routines 
  • Working conditions
What hobbies and past training experience do you have?
  • Current hobbies?
  • Past hobbies?
  • Recent activity levels and current condition
What injuries or other problems and restrictions do you have that affect your ability to participate or train effectively or safely?

Do you have a criminal record?
If so, please provide brief details.