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Welcome to the homepages of SeTs Freelancer or SeTs for short. SeTs is a provider of 'Specialist Education and Training Services' (SeTs) to complement or supplement your own capabilities and resources.

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English textWTeksti suomeksiithin these pages (SeTs Pääsivun), you will also find some basic information about us and other SeTs services, such as:

Why Use Us!

SeTs Freelancer draws on a great depth of academic study and practical training complemented by a broad scope of work and life experience that underpins the sociable persona and open-minded professionalism. As an Englishman in Helsinki since 1995, we can even communicate well enough to teach and educate in Finish language-based classes.

In addition to personal security fitness, strength & management training, we have work experience and professional qualifications/education in the following areas: security and risk management; business organization, processes and project management; education, teaching, and pedagogy. Any of these, or a combination of which, can add significant insights and value to course planning, quality assurance services and beyond.

Our Experience Shows!

Our experience shows, that whilst some activities need to be taught in class (or in situ) and many can be taught on-line far more economically, all can be utilized for optimal effect. 
To be both effective and efficient, 'Accelerated Learning' is not a case of mere content reduction and redaction in a gimmicky Storyline or other simplistic powerpoint presentation. It requires a blended combination of approaches, particularly whole mind and experiential learning to create the 'Borderless Learning' we need in the modern-day. This 'Way of Thinking' is reflected in our philosophy and motto:

Collaboration without Tears,
Training without Frontiers.
It's a Mind Set!

Personal Security Coach

Collaboration without Tears,
Training without Frontiers.
Its's a Mind Set!

Personal and private small group coaching for skills enhancement training sessions, classes & courses.

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