Pre Race Information


Please read / observe the "
Welcome letter" as linked from the bottom of this page. A number of key points are repeated below :

The race starts at 2pm prompt.

Chip timing will be used and there is a time limit of 2 hours 40 minutes for completion of the race

You must not transfer your number to another person without authorisation. This will invalidate the results and is likely to lead to your disqualification

You must wear your number on your front only, secured by four pins and it must be clearly visible when you finish. 

Numbers MUST NOT be folded, cut or altered in any way. The whole of the number, including all sponsor information must be visible at all times. Sponsors pay a lot of money to be on the numbers. This keeps your entry fee down.

If you do not have a number please do not run with the main race, as you will not be insured.

Race No. / Timing chip collection. An email advising of the Race No.allocated will be sent to all runners by end May. Runners will need to present a copy of this to collect their race number & timing chip at the relevant marque on race day. The timing chip is to be attached to your footware and returned at the finish. Please help us on this by presenting yourself by 1.15pm.

MUSIC PLAYERS. Are NOT allowed to be used during the race for your own Health and Safety.

For the safety of yourself and your fellow runners please leave the music at home. Thank you

Have a good run but for your own health and safety, if you get into difficulties, stop and seek help from a marshal. Ambulance first aiders are also present.

The race is well marshalled. Please follow the marshals instructions at all times.

Keep left unless instructed by the marshals.

Drinks station at 3miles, 5½ miles, 8 miles 10½ miles and 12 miles. Sponges and showers are also available at these points

Changing and showers are available at the Race Headquarters

Presentation at 4.30pm approx. Please stay, especially if you think you have won a prize.

Finally, the roads are still open so please be aware of traffic.

There is also a good read in the UK Athletics Rule Book for those who are interested. Enjoy!!