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UPDATED:  3/20/2020

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There has been a lot of discussion lately about the necessity and even the "danger" of using a gps on a long hike such as the CDT.
The main factor being purported is that using a GPS does not require backcountry map and compass skills and leads to reliance on technology.
I am of the belief that if you head off into the "woods" you should have all of the skills and adequate equipment to both have fun and survive.
So.....Please take maps and a compass and know how to navigate without the use of a hand held GPS that can and will stop working without notice.
But, if you are like me and also like carrying a GPS.....Know how to use it, Know its limits, Know that the data you have is accurate and up to date!
As Pres. Reagan said; "Trust, but Verify."
NOTE AND GENERAL WARNING:  There is a lot of WRONG or dated info floating around out in the "Inter-Web"
Please be aware of trail alignment changes or just wrong info.

If you decide to take a GPS device on your CDT hike, then having the CORRECT data is a must.  The year 2012 was a turning point.  
We CDT travelers now have accurate files of the entire CDNST route.  Jerry Brown of Bear Creek Survey has posted a waypoint file set
and also a complete trail POI file of this entire route. The CDNST is a single alignment from Mexico to Canada.  Jerry and crew have done a 
great thing for all who follow.  Trail alignment info is updated as soon as changes to the trail can be field checked.  

Bear Creek Survey web site:  (Printed Maps, Tracks, POI and Way-point files)

Bear Creek now has a service to load Track files and POI files on your GPS or SD card.  See their Web site for costs and details.

(This is the Gold Master info for the CDNST alignment)

For many more alternates, bail-outs, high routes and low routes
(see Jonathan Ley's map set!)

Jonathon Ley maps :

(Go to his site and contact him for the map CD)


NEW "est"....Guthook's CDT App

If you know about the other Guthook hiking apps (PCT and AT) then you know how great they are......

So o o o o o !     I am no longer updating my "track file set" after this year - (2014).
The availability of the Bear Creek data and now Guthook's App make my information redundant.
(You can contact me via e-mail if you REALLY want the track files)

Bottom line if you are overwhelmed with data OVERLOAD....
I would just make sure you have Bear Creek's files loaded on your GPS.
The Guthook app is Bonus info for your smartphone.

And............please always take the Ley maps and/or the Bear Creek maps...........using your GPS/Smartphone as a back-up!


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