Impact of Media

Media plays a significant role in our society in the present scenario. It is all around us, from the shows we watch on television, the music we listen to on the radio, to the books and magazines we read each day. Television, more than any of the other medias, achieves myriad different goals.

The mass media today encompasses newspapers, books, radio, television, cinema, the Internet, email and fax. Although the use of the Internet and email seem to be recent phenomena, the other media have co-existed for many decades.

We live in a fascinating world and an even more fascinating society. In this day and age, life without technology feels utterly impossible and life without the media is simply unimaginable. Media provides us with entertainment, information and comfort. As the standard of living in the country is rising, people find themselves investing in digital cables and high speed Internet connections, thus increasing their exposure to such media as the World Wide Web and the hundreds of new channels. While we all are intelligent people, with the freedom and ability to make our own choices, I believe the role played by the media counts more in taking decisions.

While the media has historically been viewed as being overly aggressive and insatiable in their plight for the latest and hottest news, their watchdog function is essential in a democratic society where people must know what their governments are doing. The media has the capacity to hold the
government accountable, forcing them to explain their actions and decisions, all of which affect the people they represent. The assumption in some societies is that the press speaks for the people, thus the freedom of speech and freedom of the press acts in the countries. The reason for freedom of the press is to ensure that democracy is able to function, so it is important to understand that such legislation does not only protect the functions of the press.

With press freedom we then know what the differing views in society are, opening the floor to debate and discussion, all of which aid healthy functioning of a democratic society.

Finally, one of the most powerful strengths the media has in any society is the ability to effect change, both on a social and governmental level. All the journalists have the responsibility to report the unbiased, accurate information as it is received from reliable sources. It is their obligation to obtain all sides of a story and to report on both the good and the bad stuff.

However, responsible journalism also requires a balance of the good and bad stuff in newspapers and in broadcast reports. The media today enjoys a wider coverage as well as a wider viewership than perhaps a decade ago. It has survived and has kept up its values to this day.