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All About Fossils!

What Are Fossils?
Fossils are the remains of a preserved animal, plants and other organisms from the past. They can be found in rock formations or sedimentary layers.

Where Does The Word Fossils Come From ?
The word fossil comes from the Latin term, meaning "dug up." 

Where Can You Find Fossils?
Fossils can be found in many different places. Fossils are mostly found on the beach, in quarries and some can also be found in unusual places. The five most often sited types of fossils are mold, cast, imprint, permineralization and trace fossils.

Where Was The First Fossil Found?
The first fossil was found in Northern Australia.

What Are The Types Of Fossils And How Are They Formed?
Fossils are formed when an organism is buried by water containing debris and minerals, and through the effects of wind or gravity. The different types of fossils are True Form, Trace, Mold and Cast Fossils.