Dinosaur Fossils

When was the first dinosaur fossil found ?
The first dinosaur fossil was found in 1676 in England.

How are dinosaur fossils formed ?
Some dinosaurs were quickly buried after their death, by sinking in mud, being buried in a sand storm, etc. and over time, sediment covered the remains.
The parts of the animals that didn't rot, which were usually bones or teeth were enclosed in the newly-formed sediment. After a long process it results in a, rock-like copy of the original object and shape.

What are the species of dinosaur fossils that have been found in Australia ?
  • Agrosaurus
  • Allosaurus
  • Atlascopcosaurus
  • Ausktribosphenos
  • Austrosaurus
  • Fulgurotherium
  • Kakuru
  • Kronosaurus
  • Leaellynasauria
  • Minmi
  • Muttaburrasaurus
  • Ozraptor
  • Platypterygius
  • Pterodactyloids
  • Pterosaurs
  • Qantassaurus
  • Rapator
  • Rhoetosaurus
  • Timimus
  • Tylosaurus
  • Walgettosuchus
  • Woolungosaurus

Jeholosaurus Fossil