Body Fossils

Bone Fossils - The fossilised bones of a huge amount of dinosaurs species have been found since 1818, when the first dinosaur bone was discovered. In New Jersey, 1858, The first almost complete skeleton of an Hadrosaurus foulkii was found.

Teeth Fossils - Sometimes a bit of a broken tooth of a carnivore is found with another dinosaur's bones, especially those of herbivores. Lots of fossilized teeth have been found, including those of Albertosaurus and Iguanodon .

Egg and Embryos Fossils - In France 1869 the first fossilised dinosaur eggs was found. Many fossilised dinosaur eggs have been found since, at over 200 sites. Sometimes they have preserved parts of embryos, which can help to match an egg with a species of dinosaur. The embryo also sheds light on dinosaur development.

Skin - Some dinosaurs had thick, bumpy skin, like that of an alligator, which would leave imprints.