This campaign was started by me, Becca, around the time of my 19th birthday for myself and a few friends. I decided to give DnD a go because I had role-played and LARPed when I was younger and I loved it so much. I have always loved story-telling, so DnD seemed a good idea. I wanted to revisit my passion and share it with my friends.

In the beginning we had seven players. The characters were as follows: Orion the Human paladin, Vesperr the Half-Elf ranger, Concerkin the Dragonborn fighter, Zephyril the Half-Elf wizard,  Sylphiya the Deva bard, Tsubaki the Drow cleric and Tinefuair the Drow rogue. Of these players only the first four remain. Of the characters only Orion, Vesperr and Zephyril are still with us. We now have Goob the Tiefling rogue, Kvatch the Kalashtar sorcerer, Lograth the Goliath barbarian and Lucius the Tiefling warlock.

Our sessions are generally played once a week on Saturdays, from around 1pm to anything up to 2am depending on how much energy the group has, and how much material I have prepared, or how inspired I am to think on my feet and make things up. So far, some of our best sessions have been off-the-cuff stuff I've come up with after the players have breezed through all of the material I thought would last the whole day.

At the moment we are getting more into having an actual story as opposed to simply leveling up and fighting bigger bad guys. That still plays a big enough part in our games, it is just taking second place to the story, which is what I think should always be the case when role-playing. And this is what has inspired the creation of the website to write the story down so we, at level twenty, or even level thirty, don't ever forget all the trials and triumphs that we lived through at level one, level five, level eleven.