Foredown Tower Astronomers

on the third Thursday every month,  7:30pm, on the corner of Manor Road and Drove Road, Portslade Old Village, BN41 2PA.  Directions There is on-site parking. 

We usually have visiting speakers and some talks are also given by members.
All welcomMembership £15 per 6 months payable January & July, or
Guest fee of £3 per visit

Keep checking for our Special Events

For more details please contact us at foredowntowerastronomers@gmail.com
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                      Forthcoming Events:

19th November 2015               Dr David Whitehouse - His new book 'The Rainbow and Astronomy'

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17th December 2015               Christmas Party

21st January 2016                  Dr Robert Smith (Society President) - Supernovae

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                                                Half-Yearly Subscriptions Due

18 February 2016                   Will Joyce (formerly at Herstmonceux) - The Astronomy of the Moon

17th March 2016                     Roy Easto (Croydon Astronomical Society)  - The Genesis of the Moon

19th May 2015                         Kim Birkett PhD (Mullard SSL) - Subject TBA


    Previous Meetings:

    October 2015                    Peter Fishenden (Member) - Hubble and Beyond

                                              8pm Jerry Workman BSc, FRAS Mars Rover


     September 2015               Bob Turner - Black Holes

     August 2015                     Alan Drummond (Crawley Astronomical Society) - Globular Clusters

     July 2015                           James Fradgley (Wimbourne Astronomical Society) - Impacts on Earth - Large and Small

     June 2015                        Peter Fishenden (Member) - Brother Bernardin's Astronomical Clock

     May 2015                         Bob Turner - George Ellery Hale

     April 2015                        Kim Birkett PhD (Mullard SSL) - Update on the Rosetta Mission

     March 2015                     Ann Moore (Member) - Lady Astronomers

                                               Mike Feist (Member) - Comet Observing

     February 2015                Roy Easto (Croydon Astronomical Society) - Past and Future Space Missions

     January 2015                  AGM and Professor Robert Smith (FTA President) - The Changing Face of the Sun

     December 2014             Members Contributions and "Christmas Goodies"

     November 2014             Dr David Whitehouse - His new book 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth'

     October 2014                 John Skelton (Member) - The Solar System

     September 2014           Guy Hurst (Editor of The Astronomer magazine) - Comets: Ancient and Modern

     August 2014                  Jerry Workman BSc, FRAS - Mars Rover

     July 2014                        Dr Christopher Arridge (Mullard SSL) - The Plumes of Enceladus

     June 2014                      James Fradgley (Wimbourne Astronomical Society) - Calendars, Cultures and Clocks

     May 2014                      Dr Robin Gorman (Guildford Astronomical Society) - Our Vital Moon

    April 2014                            Doug Bateman - The Restoration of the Time Ball at Greenwich

    March 2014                          Kim Birkett PhD (Mullard SSL) - An update on Comet ISON

    February 2014                     Bob Turner (Worthing) - Why the Solar System looks the way it does

    January 2014                        Dr Robert Smith (President) - The History of Constellations



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