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03/12/12 Just in case anyone has missed this, it is important to be aware that factory built ARV's are covered by EASA permits to fly. This of course means that we can fly them to any member state without prior permission. It also means, however, that anyone wishing to continue flying after 8th April 2014 must convert to the new EASA FCL. For anyone currently using a NPPL the conversion must be done by 8th April 2015. If you are in any doubt about the status of your aircraft you can check on either your permit or on G-INFO. The good news for NPPL holders is that once you convert both you and your aeroplane can go anywhere in the EASA area.

27/11/12 New (but very old!) articles added to the library

01/05/12 Airframe parts FREE to a good home! Plans are under way to scrap an old fuselage hulk (s/n 020) in the next few weeks so SHOUT QUICKLY if you need anything such as: fuel tank; wing attachments; u/c attachments ; rudder pedals, pitch/roll control system, frames, etc. There is also a set of flaps and a set of ailerons which are damaged but could be repaired if needed.

04/04/12 Auxiliary Fuel Tank mod approved! The LAA has approved a mod that incorporates a removable tank carried in the baggage bay. The tank is cleared to carry an extra 13 lts which is transferred to the main tank when space permits. Details can be viewed HERE or downloaded from the Super2 Library.


04/10/11 Earlier in the year a nosewheel shimmy incident occurred on G-YARV - read more about the incident here. Also here is letter from ARV Aviation to the PFA covering nosewheel shimmy.

01/08/11 So what is G-OTAL's take on life in Devon? Read his/her blog.

30/07/11 Opus is all very quiet but a 2010 video clip turned up recently still promoting the Super 2. View it here on YouTube.

08/03/11 Joseph Cullen has bought G-OTAL from Nigel Beale and flown it down to Eaglescott where it will be based. Joseph says "Nigel had installed a new Rotax 912s which gives a very nice level of performance. Handling is beautiful and I am thrilled to be its new owner. Overall the aircraft needs a bit of TLC and I am looking forward to tapping into the experience of other owners for advice on the best way to do things."

28/09/10 Fly with Doug Bruce in C-IGYY on YouTube.

16/09/10 What about fitting better tyres for softer ground over the winter months? If not already aware, see Mod 11790 recently added to the document library and picture of G-BMOK in Sywell 2010 banner. Although the mod was prepared before the LAA repeat mod process was introduced, Andy Draper (LAA) has indicated that it can be retrospectively treated as a repeat (i.e. £22.50). If anyone is interested why not share thoughts via the forum and maybe make a batch order for parts?

05/09/10 Response to calls for an ARV meet at Sywell resulted in 6 aircraft arriving over the course of the weekend - one more that last year! The fresh faces this year were Gerry Collard with WF, Roger Griffiths with OK and Mike Davies with XP. Although Mike was at Sywell last year, this year XP was sporting a first of type Jabiru engine. If anyone has some good Sywell pics pls send them to

25 Years Ago:

IOW County Press of July 26, 1985 reported .........

Prince Michael of Kent paid a flying visit to the Island to inspect Sandown-based ARV Aviation’s new ARV Super2 light aircraft. The Prince spent more than three hours with Britain’s latest light aircraft company, which is headed by world and land speed record holder, Richard Noble. After watching a 20-minute demonstration flight of Prototype 001, flown by ARV chief test pilot Hugh Kendall, the Prince attended a buffet lunch at which he was presented with a desk top scale model of the aircraft.

05/07/10 Rob Thomas sent this image taken circa 1989 when he flew G-BNHD in concert with G-BMWG from Montreal to Oshkosh. Around that time ARV went under and he was left to find his way home (alone).

22/04/10 G-BMWF is ready to fly complete with new yellow paint scheme - Gerry Colllard has moved WF to Popham in preparation for test flying with Rotax 912 installed. WF last flew in the 80's having logged only about 10 hrs since new. See new album in gallery.

23/03/10 Over the winter Mike Davies has been installing a Jabiru 2200cc engine in XP. The engine mount has been cleared by the LAA, and Mike says the first engine runs last weekend went well. There's still some work tidying up wiring and finishing the cowling with.the permit to test fly due soon. See photos in the Members Pics gallery.

11/03/10 25th Anniversary First ARV prototype G-OARV made its first flight on 11th March 1985

02/02/10 Welcome to Keith Field, owner of G-BOGK, who has joined our list of Honorary Members.

23/12/09 Season's Greetings: 2010 will be 25th anniversary of ARV 1st flight. Why not book a slot at LAA Sywell fly-in (Sept 3rd - 5th) for an ARV reunion.

07/11/09 BARGAIN : G-BWBZ (see below) now open to offers over £9999 !!!

07/11/09 Iain Davidson is now the owner of G-OARV which he aims to rebuild. Iain's contact details are in the usual place.

06/09/09 Five ARVs made it to the Sywell Revival Fly-in ....... see images at: Sywell 2009 Any other images please send

02/05/09 FOR SALE : G-BWBZ advertised in LAA magazine: airframe 775 hrs; engine 280 hrs. Mid West Rotary powered and always hangared! £17500 ono. Contact Chris Amery on 07815 939750 or

28/03/09 Welcome to Sean Smith, owner of G-BNGY which is based at Shobden. Sean needs an alternator for a Hewland - any offers contact details for Sean are in the usual place.

01/01/09 Welcome to Nigel Beale who was recently in contact and has been added to the list of honorary members. Nigel has just sold G-OARV (which is in need of work) and currently owns G-OTAL.

11/11/08 Welcome to James Morton, another distinguished member of the original ARV design team who has recently made contact. You can find James' email in the list of Honorary members.

02/11/08 Welcome to original ARV graphic designer and Tech Pubs manager, Ian Proudfoot who has joined our list of honorary members. Ian has retained a strong interest in the ARV and has offered to supply some archive material. See new link to Hewland brochure.

01/11/08 Owner's website - one year old today!

28/09/08 G-BPMX is now back in service with new permit and after his first solo ARV flight Rich Collins reports that MX "feels great!"

06/09/08 Gerry Collard has decided to sell G-BMWF and is advertising in the Sept LAA mag. Gerry tells me the aircraft had an engine (Hewland) problem on flight in Germany after only 10 hrs total time and hasn't flown since. WF has been well protected and is now almost ready to fly again but with a new (not yet run) Rotax 912S. This should be quite something. Any interest - contact Gerry on 01252 794840.

25/08/08 Link added to ARV Wikipedia page.

18/08/08 G-BPMX has been refurbished and is undergoing permit renewal flying at Kemble. Pics at Your Pics - well done to Rich Collins!

06/07/08 Welcome to Steve Vince. Steve acquired G-ERMO from Trveor Pond about 18 Months ago and is treating MO to a refurb.

04/05/08 Welcome to Mike Davies new owner of G-DEXP. Mike has acquired XP from Milton Turner and is planning to operate from Sandtoft in south Yorkshire.

16/04/08 More brochures added.

09/04/08 View Flight International cutaway

22/01/08 Pictures of G-STWO baggage bay added to gallery.

18/01/08 See helpful write-up from Andy Pavey

27/12/07 See links to ASL and SkyCraft brochures.

24/12/07 Check out Your Pics link - now up to 53 with latest addition of Doug Bruce's Skycraft C-IGYY.

04/12/07 Discussion Forum available - why not try it out by posting some new threads? [You'll need to set up a Google account which only takes a few seconds]

25/11/07 Thanks to additional folk who have made contact - see new list of Honorary Members! Let me know if you are happy to have your phone number(s) listed (NB - it's a 'private' site).

19/11/07 ARV documents have been removed to comply with copyright as requested by Tony Dawson.

01/11/07 Welcome and many thanks to those who contacted me following news of G-YARV published in Nov 07 PFA magazine. I've collated your responses (click here) in order to share comments and start/enlarge the network. Although I'm relatively new to the ARV I guess some or most owners will know one another already. I acquired G-YARV from Phil Snowden in March - 99% complete including Rotax mod. My main task, with help and guidance from Phil, was to assemble and test the aircraft and gain a new permit . Not having previously flown ARV or Rotax, there was a real element of discovery and the result was fantastic. Living near Devizes in Wilts, I'm fortunate to be able to operate G-YARV from Boscombe Down. Please let me have comments on what you would like to see on this site and send me any useful ARV info that you may hold or interesting pics. One useful resource might be to run a log on any spares holdings? I'll do my best to incoporate any items that arrive.