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Five Rivers Writers' Group
1.      Name - The name of the organization is Five Rivers Writers’ Group (FRWG).


2.      Purpose - The purpose of the FRWG is to provide peer review of members’ writing, foster excellent writing  in a nurturing environment, and provide a social setting in which constructive discourse can take place without acrimonious debate.


3.      Officers -  The officers of the FRWG are  a Moderator and a Moderator-elect. The Moderator and Moderator-elect organize and conduct the business and activities of the FRWG. The Moderator-elect acts in place of the moderator at his/her request.  The Moderator serves for a period of one calendar year, after having served the previous year as moderator-elect,  beginning with the June monthly meeting each year. The Moderator-elect succeeds the Moderator.  An election to elect a new Moderator-elect is held at the June meeting each year.  Should either officer leave his/her position, an election will be held at the following regularly scheduled meeting to fill that office.


4.      Meetings -  A regularly scheduled meeting will be held once monthly at a time agreed upon by two-thirds vote of active members. Special meetings may be called by the officers or at the request of a member and agreed upon by a two-thirds vote of active members.


5.      Membership - Membership is initiated by recommendation of current regular members.


A person recommended for membership by a current, active, regular member may become:

                    a. A regular member – A regular member enjoys all privileges of membership as long as they meet the attendance requirements.


 b. A visiting member – A visiting member enjoys all membership privileges with the exception of a vote for a period not to exceed one calendar year.

          Prospective regular or visiting members who receive approval by two-thirds vote of regular members may become members of the FRWG. 

Regular and visiting members are expected to show an interest in competent writing and effective criticism of writing.


6.      Membership Fees -   There are no fees for membership in Five Rivers Writers’ Group.  However, special assessments for functions and projects may be approved and collected by vote of regular members. Two-thirds of the regular members must approve a special assessment.


7.      Attendance  - While attendance at the monthly meeting is not mandatory, it is expected.  Members who are not able to attend the monthly meeting should notify other members as soon as possible.



8.      Submissions -  Members should format and submit self-edited works to the appropriate subdivision page on the FRWG web site following the submission guidelines.  After the writing(s) have been posted on the web site, the writer should notify other members requesting a critique.  The request for a critique signals that the writer is requesting a criticism from the other members and should view any critique as an opinion, which may be accepted or rejected by the writer without comment.   Submissions must be made no later than one week prior to the monthly social meeting.


9.      Critiques  -  After members have submitted materials for critique, responding members read and critique the submissions following the critique guidelines provided by the group. Critiques are submitted in writing to the submitting member. The submitted work may be read at the monthly meeting and the critiques may be discussed as a group or by the writer and the member critiquing his work.  The author should ask questions to clarify the critique, not to defend it. If the author feels that he must defend it, this usually means that he did not provide a well written submission. Poorly written submissions which are unorganized and use substandard grammar dilute the value of the work and make an effective criticism difficult or impossible.


  • Written Critique - Note errors in grammar, character development, plot development, etc., throughout the piece following group guidelines. On the last page, provide an overview of your thoughts and suggestions, and provide your name and a way in which the author might contact you. This is required so the author may contact the critiquing member in order to clarify points in the critique.


  • Oral Critique – Oral critiques may be made at the monthly meeting upon the request of the writer. While the written critique serves as a record that will aid the author in revisions, the oral critique functions as a workshop.  Each critiquing member may give an opinion of the work, and the author has the benefit of group discussion in order to identify specific problems.  In addition, the author has an opportunity to discuss problems and to explore possible solutions.


10.  Activities - FRWG activities are agreed upon by the group; participation is suggested.  Business is discussed following the monthly social meeting.  Attendance by the moderator and moderator-elect is mandatory; attendance by group members is encouraged but not required.


11.  Age Limit - We require that all members and visitors be at least 18 years old. While we do not allow pornography in our submissions, some of our writers submit material that may not be suitable for children.  If you are under 18 years of age, we suggest and encourage that you find other groups.


 12.  Attendance - Notify FRWG  members by the Friday before a meeting if you will not be able to attend. Emergencies will, of course, be excused from this policy.  This is a courtesy so that other  members and the officers can plan for your absence.  Notifying FRWG  members of an intended absence allows us to "excuse" you from the meeting, and adjust any plans made for the meeting .


If a member misses three meetings without notifying FRWG beforehand, membership will be revoked.  It is not acceptable for a non-participating or non-attending members to interrupt writing and critiquing by lack of activity.


13.  Participation -  Members are expected to read and critique submitted works.  Members who are unable to read or critique a work may notify the author and make arrangements to provide the critique outside the group setting.  Members may be excused entirely from critiquing by notifying the author directly.  However, habitually failing to critique may result in revocation of membership in order to open the membership spot to a new member who might better use it.


14.  Recognition -  Officers and members will work to recognize outstanding writing accomplishments of fellow writers.  An Outstanding Member Award will be awarded to a member each year at the June meeting. The member will be selected by a vote of active members of FRWG at the May meeting.
15.  Amendments - These by-laws may be amended upon the recommendation of the Moderator and an approving vote of not less than two-thirds of the regular members.
These By-laws Were Approved by the Founding Members of Five Rivers Writers' Group
May 6, 2012