Welcome to the Five Rivers Writers' Group!
Our Mission
To assist writers by providing an online forum for peer critiquing of writing in a cordial and nurturing enviroment
To provide a social setting that allows writers to enjoy the fellowship of other writers and to share their work
To assist and support fellow writers in using technology to improve their writing
To provide support and assistance to writers who wish to publish their work

     Membership is by invitation and approval of regular members. We constantly seek new members who share our philosophy of writing and critiquing. The focus of our group is to provide support to writers, not to empower critiquers.
     Our members are expected to consider writing as a serious, but enjoyable endeavor. Writers are expected to study and apply  the generally accepted rules of grammar and quality writing.  Additionally, members should dedicate themselves to producing exceptional work which can be self-published or submitted for review and publication.  Members are also expected to work toward becoming effective reviewers and critiquers of the work of others, and to offer meaningful, polite suggestions to fellow writers about their writing.
    Members may suggest offering membership to others. A vote will be taken from current active members. Upon the recommendation of two-thirds of the active membership, a prospective member will be admitted either as a visiting or regular member. 
     A visiting member  must participate for a period of one calendar year before being considered as a regular member. After the one year probationary period, a second vote by the regular members will be taken.

Famous Quotes
"There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are." W. Somerset Maugham

Trumpet Field

and Other Stories


Janet Nodar

Now available in paperback!

Congrats Janet!

Janet is an excellent writer and contributor to our group. Her stories of life here on the Gulf are unique, and the book is a great read for these autumn afternoons when a cup of tea and good read is just the right prescription for the end of day. I find myself lost in her vivid language and, not having grown up here in southwest Alabama, I appreciate the glimpse into the nuances and rhythmns of life in my adopted home. I also enjoy Janet's flare for the unexpected, a sort of channeling of Flannery O'Connor comes to mind. Great job, Janet. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

Kat Kennedy 10/16/2012.

(Look for my full review of Trumpet Field on Southern Delta Literary Magazine next week.)

Trumpet Field and Other Stories available at Amazon.com

Paperback $7.95

Kindle ebook edition $4.95



Laura Reese's new book, Dancing Naked in Dixie, will be out on May 21, 2012, in print and as an eBook.  A funny and delightful look at Southerners in the quaint, historic town of Eufaula, Alabama. Laura will be joining our group. Welcome, Laura! Best wishes for success with your new novel.

Congrats to Charles Riley McInnis for receiving an Honorable Mention for his short story, "At Red McGriff's Barber Shop", in  the  Gulf   Coast   Writers'   Association's   annual   Let's  Write competition.  The banquet will be held Saturday, May 26, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. in Gulfport, MS. Further information can be found on the Gulf Coast Writers link located on the Five Rivers Writers' Group Links to Blogs and Websites Page.  Way to go Charles!
 New Member News
Janet Nodar will be joining our group.  Janet is a published writer and blogger who will be joining us on Sunday, June 24th at Panera as we meet to discuss the creation of our  magazine, Southern Delta Literary.  I put Janet's blog on our links page, so pour a cup of coffee (or tea), pull up a chair and get to know our newest member.  I know she will be a wonderful addition!  Welcome to FRWG, Janet!
FRWG welcomes Mahala Church to the group. She is well known in the community. She is a founding member of The Emerald Coast Writer's Association and Mobile Writer's Guild and is involved in many area reading and writing projects. She is the creative writing instructor for the Azalea City Center for the Arts. Welcome, Mahala.
Charles McInnis has been published in The Baldwin Writers Group Anthology, Collected Works.  Charles placed 3rd in their annual contest in the short story division with his story, "An Incident at Daniel Germany's Ferry". You may purchase a copy from Amazon.com or the BWG website found on our links page. Congrats Charles!
Charles McInnis and Kat Kennedy both had poetry published in the Gulf Coast Writers Association's quarterly publication, The Magnolia Quarterly. Way to go! Remember, you can't win or be published if you don't enter. Get your work out there!

Book signing for Dancing Naked in Dixie
Laura Reese signs her Lauren Clark novel, Dancing Naked in Dixie, at Shorter Mansion in Eufaula, Alabama. The wonderful staff held a reception for Laura. The signing was a sell out! Congrats, Laura.


Kat and Laura at Shorter Mansion, Eufaula, AL.


 Submissions are needed for editing in the Interest Groups of Five Rivers Writers' Group.

Interest Groups
     The following groups function as subdivisions of the Five Rivers Writers' Group.
Mobile - Provides support and critique review of novels.
Tensaw -  Provides support and critique review of novellas.
Spanish -  Provides support and critique review of short stories.
Apalachee - Provides support and critique review of poetry.
Blakeley -  Provides support and critique review of essays.
Members may belong to multiple subdivisions.

Message from the editor:
I would love to see as many of you as possible at our October Meeting at Airport Panera. We have much to discuss! Please come with your questions and ideas about Southern Delta Literary Magazine. We are fast approaching our launch date. I would love to hear from all of you! If you have someone you think would be interested in contributing to the project, please invite them along to the meeting. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!
I Believe!
 MWG Open Mic Night
October 18 | 6-8 pm
 Serda's Coffee House
Mobile, AL
Spots are available on a first-come basis.
Readings are limited to 10 minutes.

 Be there or be square, man.
Calling All Five Rivers Members
We need your submissions!
Please submit your new work on our submissions pages.  

October Meeting of FRWG
4:00 Sunday, October 21st
Airport Panera
Five Rivers Writers Make Faulkner Short List
Laura Reese is Short List Finalist in 2012
Faulkner Novel Competition
Dancing in Naked in Dixie, a Lauren Clark book does it again! Congrats Laura on another honor for your award winning novel. Laura will be speaking at the Gulf Coast Writer's Association's monthly meeting
Saturday, July 28th 2:0o - 4:00 pm
(see announcement pg for directions)
Kat Kennedy Makes Short List in 2012  Faulkner Novella Competition
Kat Kennedy's novella, Flamingo Funeral, made the short list for the 2012 Faulkner Fiction Writing Contest. The Faulkner Fiction Writing Competition is among the toughest literary contests anywhere in the world.  Congratulations, Kat, for a job well done.
Charles McInnis is Short List Finalist in 2012
Faulkner Poetry Competition
for his poem Southern Streams.
Congrats, Charles!
Read Southern Streams here in the
Southern Delta Literary Magazinge
"Catching Starlight", his short story, is a semi-finalist in the same contest.

Submit to Southern Delta Literary Magazine! 
We need your polished submissions to help us build the site. Please submit works to fill in the empty spaces of SDLM as we work to make the magazine come to life. This will give us all an opportunity to see SDLM as it will look when published. Thank you for your help.

 Bon Temps Au Cafe Les Deux Magots
Founding Members
May 6, 2012
Charles McInnis, Stephanie Lance, Jan Jennings, William Cannon, Marlene Cavanaugh, Kat Kennedy

Southern Delta Literary Magazine News
Carol Case has agreed to become our first poetry editor  for Southern Delta Literary Magazine. Congratulations, Carol. You have our total support.
Janet Nodar is on board as our first non-fiction editor for Southern Delta Literary Magazine. Congratulations, Janet. You have our thanks and support.
Mahala Church has agreed to join Southern Delta Literary Magazine as deputy editor  Congrats, Mahala. We all look forward to working with you on this great project.


Southern Delta Literary Magazine News
Carol Case has agreed to become our first poetry editor for Southern Delta Literary Magazine. Congratulations, Carol. You have our total support.
Janet Nodar is on board as our first non-fiction editor for Southern Delta Literary Magazine. Congratulations, Janet. You have our thanks and support.
Mahala Church has agreed to join Southern Delta Literary Magazine as deputy editor Congrats, Mahala. We all look forward to working with you on this great project.