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Appalachian Dancing originated from the Appalachian mountain ranges of Georgia and North and South Carolina in the United States.  It has a multi-ethnic origin.  English, Irish and Scottish settlers brought with them their own traditions of social, ritual and step dancing and these merged with dance form brought back from Africa by slaves.  The incorporation of some Cherokee Indian ritual dance steps completed the transition to something purely American.  Two main styles of dance are “flatfooting” and the more flamboyant “Buck & Wing” style.


First Class Stamp was formed some years ago in response to a growing national interest in Appalachian dancing.  We dance in the Buck & Wing style and choreograph our own dances using mostly traditional steps.  The team is based in Nuneaton, and we practise regularly on Monday evenings through the winter, dancing out during the Summer.

If you would like to find out more about us, book us for an event, or are interested in joining the team as a dancer or musician, you can talk to a member of the team, or telephone one of the contacts below:

Emma Melville:
02476 345543

Joe Oldaker:
02476 372276