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She Sells Seashells Series . The inspiration for my shell paintings came from the physical forms of the subject itself. Each shell has its own beautiful intricacies in color, shape, pattern, and design offering endless possibilities.

     Seahorse Twins
     16x20 gallery wrapped

    #157, 158,159 Triptych 
        The Seahorse & 2-Tropical Fish 
         1-12x24 and 2=12x12

       Horse of a Different Color                  9x12  panel SOLD

   #164 Conch Shell
         24x30 gallery wrapped


             #163 Shells Sold

        #64 Catch of the Day
           gallery wrapped

            #170 The Lanistes Shell
              16x20 panel Sold

          #182 Strawberry  Trochus                     11x14 panel

   #184 Turban Shell
       11x14 panel

      #191 The Horn Shell 
          9x12 canvas panel

       A Horse of a Different             Color
        16x20 gallery wrapped

         #181 Spider Conch
           16x20 canvas panel

            #168 Mitre Shell
                16x20 canvas panel

            #167 Wonder Shell
                16x20 canvas panel

        #166 Tiger Nautilus Shell
           16x20 panel

        #188 Tiger Nautilus II
            11x14 canvas panel-SOLD

        #165 African Turbo Shell
           16x20 panel Sold

         #169 Conch Shell II
            16x20 canvas panel Sold

          #186 Conch Shell III
                 16x20 panel


 #195 African  Turbo Shell II
              9x12 canvas panel