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Lynette van Niekerk, an accomplished and experienced tapestry weaver, distinguishes between tapestry and frame weaving although both are woven on a frame of some kind.  The image on the left is an example of her weaving.

This article is based on a series of workshops presented at meetings of the Johannesburg Spinners and Weavers Guild.              READ MORE >>

A selection of recipes of easy to spin yarns created by experienced spinners.



Weaving without a loom!.
Boxes and books can be used as the basic shape for creating bags. The most delightful aspect of this method of weaving is the mobility of the project. Anywhere! Anytime! Tapestry and rug-weaving methods are the most appropriate techniques to use.

From  humble beginnings, quilts have made a big leap and are now made as a form of art  meant to be hung on a wall or otherwise displayed.
They are decorative and used to express feelings or even make statements about the current situations.

Warps and the Warping Board
How to do it tips from Greig Kothe
Linda's Sox turn into Table Runners
Keri Steyn
Demonstrated by Greig Kothe

The art of warping and weaving at the same time. Step by step
Dora Ogilvie
Jean Wildman shares a story about her Grandmother
Ninety and his Wheels still Spinning
Julian Rossiter's fascination with spinning as told by daughter Jean
 Demonstrated by Greig Kothe
Colonial Overshot
Design your own Overshot Pattern.
Not just bed covers, Quilting has become an Art
Weaving on a Box
Weaving without a loom!.

Fun, and easy spin fancy yarns.

Tapestry Frame Weaving
Instructions with illustrations